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With a heat index of 35+ degrees one day, and dealing with sweater weather the next, we’re all a bit confused over here at Bubble HQ. With blue skies looking likely to be back on the agenda this weekend, hopefully,

There’s nothing like the feeling of leaving work on a Friday knowing full well that a glorious three-day weekend awaits, and this time around we’re in luck since Monday, November 19th marks the celebration of Argentina’s National Day of Sovereignty,

With the weather looking unstable at best for the weekend ahead, it might be a good time to retreat to the indoors. With plenty of cultural happenings kicking off around the city, there’ll be plenty to keep you busy and

As another turbulent week comes to an end in Buenos Aires, we all might need a bit of reminding as to why so many of us choose to live here and why Buenos Aires is still one of the most …