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Claudio Uberti, sometimes referred to as “Pachi” or “Ubi,” is one of many Argentine government officials implicated in the ongoing notebook scandal. He first attained wealth and political power through his personal ties to former President Néstor Kirchner; during Néstor’s

Yesterday, former federal judge Norberto Oyarbide testified before federal judge Claudio Bonadio after finding himself embroiled in the ongoing explosive corruption scandal revolving  around the Néstor and Cristina Kirchner administrations. Oyarbide has had no less than 47 separate complaints of

Along with Judge Claudio Bonadio, federal prosecutor Carlos Stornelli is in charge of the ongoing “notebooks of corruption” case that triggered a wave of high-profile arrests last week.

In March, journalists Diego Cabot, Candela Ini, and Santiago Nasra from La

The political scandal known as “the notebooks of corruption,” which revealed a (still alleged) corruption scheme involving high-profile business leaders and former officials of the Kirchner administration, and goes all the way up to former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, …

The scandal began in March, after journalists from La Nación, Diego Cabot, Candela Ini, and Santiago Nasra, got ahold of eight notebooks that contained a detailed record of bribe payments from business leaders to public officials in exchange for

Oscar Centeno, the driver at the center of the massive corruption scandal that surfaced yesterday and detailed an alleged complex scheme involving bribes during the Nestor and Cristina Kirchner administrations, has reportedly taken a plea deal and will ratify the …

The detention of several former public officials and business leaders this morning as result of an investigation concerning the potential payment of hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes during the Kirchner administrations has completely taken over Argentina this morning.…