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Former presidential candidate Daniel Scioli reappeared in the public eye this week and used the spotlight to fire shots against the Macri administration, who he blames for the ongoing economic crisis.

“This situation was avoidable,” Scioli said on live television,

On Tuesday, Ricardo Lorenzetti announced his resignation from the Argentine Supreme Court presidency after 11 years. The judge had occupied the highest post in Argentina’s justice system since January 2007, and will be replaced by Carlos Rosenkrantz on October 1st.

This week, the Macri administration is seeking to finalize its 2019 Budget agreement as soon as possible with Argentina’s governors, who will be meeting with the president tomorrow at the Casa Rosada. The meeting is seen by many in government

After a period of uncertainty and trepidation, the ruling Cambiemos Party began to celebrate over the weekend after the first reports of exit polls conducted early on Sunday confirmed the re-election victory of Cambiemos mayor Pedro Dellarossa in the Córdoba

Thursday marks another day of economic chaos in Argentina after the Central Bank raised rates by 15 percentage points, reaching 60 percent on Thursday and leaving the dollar trading at around 39 pesos.

With high levels of tension in the

After the recent tension generated between the government and the Catholic Church during Argentina’s abortion debate, five members of the ruling Cambiemos coalition who voted in favor of the bill that would have legalized abortion presented a new bill to

President Mauricio Macri met with legislators of the ruling Cambiemos party yesterday afternoon, not long after the debate in the Senate that ultimately authorized the raid of former President and current Senator Cristina Kirchner’s properties in the ongoing notebook

Yesterday, thousands marched in Buenos Aires beginning at 7 PM to protest former President and current senator Cristina Kirchner, a demonstration that culminated in the gathering of a significant crowd outside of Congress last night.

The protest— which denounced

Hernán Schapiro, Prosecutor of a City of La Plata court, was removed from one of the investigations about the controversy concerning alleged fake contributors to the Cambiemos 2017 midterms campaign.

Interim Attorney General Eduardo Casal made the decision yesterday, arguing …

As the country processes the latest corruption scandal, involving bags of “K money” and a chauffeur’s eight notebooks of diligent record-keeping, the list of detainees grows. Although the revelations brought to light by La Nación journalists certainly represent an …