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Hi there! Happy Thanksgiving, if you celebrate that sort of thing; if you don’t, well, happy Thursday. It’s the start of another weekend, which means we have an exciting batch of new events to recommend to you. And because variety …

As you settle in and get ready to read the following story, tune in with this specially-curated Spotify playlist created by the Blues Ambassador himself. And don’t forget to follow The Bubble on Spotify while you’re at it!

It was

As our favorite museums, theaters, and cultural centers all grind to a halt for summer vacation and legions of porteños begin their exodus to the Atlantic coast, another year in Buenos Aires comes to a close… And it’s time to …

You have to love Youtube sometimes. Thanks to the power of the internet many musicians have made it from tiny towns to world-wide tours. One such fortunate gentleman is Jamaican talent, Brushy One String. Brushy will be gracing La Tangente