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Thursday morning, an issue with Buenos Aires’ high voltage system left thousands without electricity across Capital Federal and southern areas of the Greater Buenos Aires province.

Across social media, hundreds have complained of several neighborhoods throughout the city being left

-The massive blackout in nothern neighborhoods.

-The campaign enters its last week.

-Most wanted fugitive and former spymaster Stiuso was kept from leaving the country, only to be let through, by the Government.

-Physicians extracted a toothpick from a man’s

Last night, residents of Recoleta wept tears of joy as the neighborhood finally got electricity back, thanks to generators.

Until they realized it’d be impossible to sleep at night.

Apparently, the generators’ incessant roar throughout the barrio makes it quite …

Despite an announcement by the Federal Planning Ministry claiming the blackout would end between 1 and 2 PM, the 14,000 remaining residents of Palermo, Recoleta and Barrio Norte who find themselves without an electricity supply continue to be off the …

Throwback Thursday  is going to be a little too real tomorrow for the 75,000 Porteños who are trying to learn to live without electricity from the blackout that some expect to last till Saturday.

An estimated 110,000 people in the …

Update: We have a culprit. Electricty company Edesur released a statement explaining that a tunneling machine’s operations was responsible for the power cuts that began shortly after noon. It said it apologized and was making haste to fix the problem.…

It’s already a chaotic Thursday as a public transportation strike and a massive blackout hit the city of Buenos Aires this morning, sending the population into a frenzy. And it’s not even December yet.

You probably didn’t notice because you …

It’s Friday again!

At least for those of you who haven’t been killed in the recent heat wave that has been scorching our puny tanned bodies for the last two weeks, wrecking havoc everywhere it goes. If you live in …

Alright people. Nobody panic but the Casa Rosada, also known as the gay version of the White House, has just lost power.

This could either mean three things:

  1. They forgot to pay the bills, which, come on, it happens.