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Can you believe it’s already the weekend? After last Saturday’s holiday and Wednesday’s massive transit strikes, it’s normal if the rhythm of this week seems a little off. And for those of us from the United States, the schedule gets …

Welcome, friends, to another edition of The Bubble’s Guided Tour series. This is our attempt to showcase some of the greatest and most significant musicians in the contemporary Argentine music scene, aimed mostly at the uninitiated who want to

It’d be a bit of an understatement to say that it was a pretty rough year for our adopted country we love so dearly. Between the tumultuous social climate, the total economic collapse that occurred just past the midway point

Hallucinatory experiences cannot be defined as sustained perceptions that possess no reality, for there is no reality aside from perceptions. Instead, we must insist in defining hallucinosis as sustained perceptions that reach no social consensus. In that sense, we mistake …

The Argentine rock scene is an intimidatingly vast maelstrom of sights, sounds, and history. You have meat-and-potatoes football-chant rockn’roll, you have technically dexterous prog-rock, you have vaguely New Age-y esotericism, you have confessional singer-songwritery stuff, you have a healthy amount