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Buenos Aires probably isn’t the first place you associate with St. Patrick’s Day, but this city does it up surprisingly big in the patron saint’s honor. Our sources (ok, Wikipedia) tell us that the world’s fifth-largest Irish community in

Whether you’re a Scrooge or more of a Buddy the Elf kind of character, there’s no avoiding that the holiday season is on the horizon. While decorations pop up over the city and we start getting excited about what we

There’s nothing like the feeling of leaving work on a Friday knowing full well that a glorious three-day weekend awaits, and this time around we’re in luck since Monday, November 19th marks the celebration of Argentina’s National Day of Sovereignty,

As Buenos Aires gives us a bout of both humid heat and chilly cold, in the space of about 48 hours we’ve been reaching for both the air conditioning and heating. Confused? Not to worry. The weekend ahead looks bright

With a four-day week almost over, and a glorious sunshine filled long weekend now just a mere memory – when’s our next feriado? – it’s almost time to kick back and celebrate the joys of a 48-hour liberation from

Now that we’ve finally made it to the weekend, let’s first raise a glass to the fact that Argentina is still somehow functioning, an applause-worthy achievement when you think about it. This week’s paro general froze the country on Tuesday

After what feels like an eternal winter it seems that the first few signs of spring are beginning to appear. However, don’t let the recent sunny afternoons and balmy evenings fool you, as those pesky storms that usually rear their …