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Taco Terrorism: Celebrity Chef Maru Botana Desecrates Mexican Cuisine

By | [email protected] | November 7, 2013 8:00pm


The Mexican community of Argentina said adiós para siempre to celebrity chef Maru Botana after she completely butchered the recipe for and preparation of tortillas and tacos in a recent episode of her television program. Now Mexicans are calling for her head.

Not that this should come as any real surprise to anyone with the slightest amount of culinary knowledge. Come on folks, this is the land that pumps their “sushi” so full of Philadelphia cream cheese it’s often beyond recognition and thinks that every Asian-inspired dish needs to be called “wok” or “chop suey.”

In the video (which can be suffered through here,) Botana assures her housewife viewers (who will only pass this information on to their housekeepers/minions) that they’ll be preparing “the real deal tortillas.” We all know that she’s full of crap and we’re only 15 seconds into the video. In this Mexi-tastic recipe, she includes eggplant, carrot, zucchini, sprouts, leeks – all things that I have never had in a taco, ever, in my whole life.

“I have no idea what I’m doing.”

Before we continue, some attention must be paid to the quality – or lack thereof – of the video. This woman has a lot of money, just bundles and oodles of it, yet the production budget seems to be so low that my dog could have filmed something similar. Background noise, reflections of minions washing dishes in the sink… is this real life?

The worst part, however, comes when Señora Botana attempts to make tortillas from scratch. From mixing two kinds of flour together, to adding oil that is totally not necessary, to having a complete lack of knowledge of how to cook said tortillas, there’s no way this story has a happy ending. In fact, the papelón was of such magnitude that representatives from the show “Con X de Mexico” spoke out about Botana’s complete “lack of respect” for Mexican cuisine:

“We are coming out in defense of our cuisine, which was declared part of the World Heritage in 2010 and is being threatened by these disrespectful media tactics. “

Response on social media exploded, of course, and a Mexican chef even offered to give Botana some much-needed cooking lessons. Another chef even dubbed her “Maru Bin Laden” due to her “terrorist acts against Mexican food.” Um, pretty sure shit just hit the fan.

Because she lives in a fantasy world surrounded by nothing but fake cook books and small children, Botana’s only response came via Twitter, where she thanked her fans for their tips and blamed her lack of knowledge on having been gifted the tortilla maker without having been taught how to use it. I think that’s what personal assistants are for, but the jury is still out.


She also could have ordered some “real deal” tortillas from Pancho Villa and called it a day. ¡Olé!