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#SuperClasicoGourmetero: A Delicious Battle of the Bulge

By | [email protected] | May 20, 2015 10:18am


Never in Buenos Aires history has food been the bone of such contention. Buenos Aires has faced overly controlling governments, mass rebellions, financial instability and now… perhaps its greatest battle yet – a male vs. female culinary battle of the sexes. Brace yourself porteños! #SuperClasicoGourmetero is upon us…

Eight strong-willed women, championing the cause of gourmet fare and high dining, will face six equally formidable male components, proudly bearing the flag of anti-gourmet, down-to-earth cooking. That’s right, not only is it men vs. women, but it’s also fine dining vs. down home cooking.

Las Comando Gourmand features eight culinary Amazons, each trained in the principled arts of winery, haute cuisine and gastronomical tradition. Meanwhile, Los Anti-Gourmet are unapologetically sloppy, stoner-friendly and unpretentious to a fault. These bros like their food with no frills but will an extra helping of competition. It’s an appropriately Argentine battle, demonstrating a perpetual battle of “civilization” and “barbarity.”

This past Monday saw the first showdown of the three-night contest, which was hosted at the chic contempo-Argentine eatery Astor in Belgrano. This round, the girls arose victorious with Comando Gourmand being dubbed the winner of the night.

Paige, named Monday night’s “Woman of the Match,” said of the competition, the “match was full of all you’d expect in a superclásico – tension, insults, intense emotions and quite a few surprises. We’re so proud to have come out on top and to have shown the Antigourmet that it’s not all about pomp and pretension in our neck of the wood – we can let our hair down and gnaw on a lamb chop with our hands too!”

If you are not yet too war-weary, two more competitions between the two rivals are fast approaching.

  • Wednesday, May 20 (8:30 p.m.) – Mamá Silvia (Boedo – Av. la Plata 1488)
  • Thursday, May 21 (8:30 p.m.) – La Flor de Barracas (Barracas – Suárez 2095)

Desafio Gourmetero 2015