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Sundays Just Got Better: The Sunday Reception

By | [email protected] | November 27, 2014 8:21am


For years, I hated Sundays. First, because I was in school and Sunday meant homework. Then, because I worked in a restaurant at the weekends through college and could never do all the nice Sunday shit that people do – read the papers, have lunch with their granny, roll over from Saturday night and hit the pub all day etc.  And finally, because I had a “real job” for a few years, and that meant The Fear. Ahhhh yes. The Fear. All those action points unactioned after your boozy lunch on Friday. Your 6 month review was coming up, had you met your targets? Does Jason from accounting know it was you who farted in the elevator? The possible Fear factors are endless. But thankfully, I moved to Argentina, started freelancing and left all that behind.

However, if you can still manage to find a reason to hate Sundays in this blissful South American oasis that transcends the normal shackles of time, never fear – salvation is here. Frameless Events is a fledgling events company that has already garnered quite the loyal cult following for their House Parties. They recently started a new event, The Sunday Reception, which aims to beat those end-of-weekend blues by providing a plethora of chill activities and entertainment in the comfort of, well, someone else’s home. The previous venue was a battered old gem of a casa in Once, where the living room were set up with pool and ping-pong tables, the TV room was equipped with Playstation, X-Box and football and the lounge played host to a live jazz or classical band, all for your viewing/participating pleasure. Drinks and snacks made their merry way around the house, tiding the guests over until a roast dinner was served by hunky, shirtless men in aprons (this happened at least once, promise). The night finished with a movie and snoozing babes in every corner. I feel relaxed just writing about it.

Fancy pad? Don't mind if I do. (Photo via Air BnB)

Fancy pad? Don’t mind if I do. (Photo via Air BnB)


But that was then. The new and improved Sunday Reception 2.0 is taking full advantage of the closing of spring and the coming of summer.

On 30th November, Frameless will be taking their event to the beautiful Mansion Boero in San Telmo. 900m2 of space, an ivy-enclosed pool, numerous lounge rooms, a 20 seater dining table and a sweet-ass garden mean that this Sunday’s Sunday Reception is going to rival a bash at Gatsby’s. The session will have all the usual trappings of a Frameless Event, buena onda and buena peeps, except with a summer vibe in a fat poolside pad.

For relaxing times, make it Sunday Reception times.