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Free Festivities in Buenos Aires This Summer of 2018

By | [email protected] | January 23, 2018 5:35pm


Contrary to popular belief, not all of us can spend the full three months of the summer sunning ourselves on a beach.

I know right, quite tragic really.

But if you’re like us chained to our desks, making the most of a summer in the city is important. We’re confined to the city limits, at least for now, and a long sometimes, seemingly endless summer presents the question of what to actually do with it. We’re here with a few ideas; the best part is that they’re easy to reach and all are totally free. Yep, you won’t even have to part with a single peso, happy days.

BTW if you’ve worked out a way of staying outside during the day without melting, please let us know, because we’re clueless here.


Taking place on Wednesday January 24, from 11 AM – 7 PM (tomorrow, if you’ve lost all concept of day and time) is the annual Festival La Alasita, an annual celebration of Bolivian culture. Why on a Wednesday, you may ask? January 24 is the day of the Festival of the Virgin of Peace, which signals the beginning of a month dedicated to the Aymara god of abundance, Ekeko.

The day is dedicated to fortune, joy and love, and one of the most important calendar festivals in the whole of the year in Bolivia. There’ll be traditional music and dance for spectators as an ode to its beginnings as a Pre-Columbian festivity.

Alasita actually translates as ‘buy me’ in Aymara, so if you do decide to part with a few pesos, there’ll be plenty of options to do so, traditionally everything is sold in miniature, with the idea that they convert into reality. Objects representing health, love, wealth and travel are most commonly purchased. Here’s hoping the festivities will bring us luck in all three.


Head to the Jardin Andaluz at night to avoid melting during the day. Via


If you’ve been cooped up all day in the equivalent of a fridge, it’s probably a good idea to fill your lungs with a little fresh air and brave the World that lies beyond the confines of your air-conditioned haven. From 8 PM on the second Wednesday of every month, (the next opening will be February 14) you can enter the Jardín Andaluz – inside the Enrique Larreta Spanish Art Museum – free of charge to take in the botanical environment after dark.

The garden will be displaying its prettiest face with light displays illuminating it’s best angles. Make sure you sign via email as capacity is limited to 30 people each visit.




For the foodies amongst you, don’t miss the next night time edition of the Buenos Aires food market taking place over the weekend of January 26 and 27 in Plaza Echeverría, Villa Urquiza. Taking place sporadically, over the summer each market will open at 6 PM and last until midnight. With no need to reserve tickets, just turn up and feel free to eat you way round the market.

Options will obviously include classic Argentine parrilla (BBQ) as well as many foreign cuisines including Arabic, Peruvian, and Japanese. With supposedly reasonable prices, what’s not to love?

Chinese New Year festivities from last year. Via

Chinese New Year festivities from last year. Via


If you feel like another reason to start a New Year’s resolution (you will most likely give it up) head to Barrio Chino in Belgrano for another round of New Year, this time Chinese style. Taking place over the weekend of February 10-11, you can expect typical music and dance alongside the parade of the dancing dragon in Plaza Parque Nacionales.

Bordering the park will be a range of stands all selling decorative items as well as typical Chinese food and drink for you to sample. The event open from 3 PM until 10 PM on both days, it will close on Sunday with a fireworks display to music.