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Subte C Line Workers Protest Against Sube Card-Charging Machines

By | [email protected] | June 14, 2016 1:01pm

Photo via La Nacion.

Subte C Line commuters were treated to free rides this morning until 11 AM due to a workers’ protest against new Sube card-charging machines being installed across Subte stations in the City of Buenos Aires.

The machines, they rise.

The machines were introduced in April and allow travelers to add credit to their Sube cards without the assistance of a Subte worker, which protesting workers say has eliminated 350 jobs, compelling them to allow passengers to walk through the turnstiles separating Subte entrances from train platforms for free today.

Metrovías claims the move was not in accordance with the law. But Subte workers are making claims themselves that Metrovías isn’t quite lined up with the law either.

Workers referred to an agreement signed in 2013 in regards to the installation of the new machines, in which Metrovías promised not to reduce staff. However, according to Subte workers, Metrovías has not complied.

Photo via La Nacion.

Photo via La Nacion.

Metrovías claims the project was accepted and ratified by unions in an act signed on April 18. In our increasingly technological world, Metrovías believes the new machines are the best direction for their services and doesn’t seem to be phased by the protests. It told Clarín that it sees the workers’ tactic as having its “origin in an internal conflict within the union.” It added that the objective of the installing the new machines is not to eliminate existing employment, but to “complement” it.

The futuristic machines, or just machines, really, should all be installed by the end of July.

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