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You Can Now Buy Sube Cards In Subte Stations

By | [email protected] | May 23, 2016 11:39am


Now that Sube cards are the only way to pay for public transportation, getting your hands on that trusty bit of blue plastic is no longer an option. Luckily, starting today, you won’t have to hunt for one in every corner kiosko since they’ll now be sold directly in Subte stations. Efficiency!

After the City of Buenos Aires Government announced that paper passes would no longer be sold, commuters were reasonably annoyed about not having the possibility to pay for a trip on the spot if they’d forgotten their Sube or simply didn’t own one (such as a foreign tourist or any Argentine from another province).

Commuters showed their displeasure with the new measure through social media and, luckily, got the attention of Sbase (a Society of the State of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires). Their representatives, concerned with people’s reaction, explained they would work as fast as possible to make Subes available in Subte stations, and not only in kioskos. 

In less pleasant news, Subte fares are set to rise from the current AR $4.50 to AR $7.50 sometime in June or July. The transportation cost was initially meant to increase on June 1st, but a judge’s ruling has extended the increase by 30-45 days.