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Subte Installs 250 Sube-Charging Machines, Wifi And Free Digital Libraries. Yay!

By | [email protected] | April 20, 2016 12:11pm


Buenos Aires Subte, welcome to 2016.

The City’s Subte will be installing 250 Sube card-charging machines (Automatic Subte Terminals, TAS) throughout underground stations so that you can add credit to your card all by yourself instead of having a Subte employee do it for you while casting disparaging looks at your Nickelback T-shirt from behind his or her glass window.

The first 45 machines are being set up today on the D Line (of course the D Line gets first dibs. Of course.) They’ll only accept cash.

The news is being welcomed with open arms, and we haven’t even spoken about the Wifi that’s being installed on Line C – now it’s on all the lines! (In the terminals, not the trains. Let’s stick to reasonable dreams.) But still, I can’t cope, this is too much. Instead of having your phone stolen from your pocket, it’ll now be stolen from your hands while you watch YouTube videos of cats that look like dictators! Ah, the 21st century.

They’re not done yet, either.

In addition to all of this, five digital libraries were set up in some stations where you can download up to 200 books for free. So the fact your fares got doubled three weeks ago will hurt just a little less, right? Free books? Hurts less? Harry Potter, anyone?

The ‘Next Subte’ system, which has already been installed on Lines B, D and E is coming to A as well, so you’ll know EXACTLY how late your train is because it’ll be sending a signal out which’ll then be displayed as an approximate arrival time.

I’d personally love to see that system implemented on bus routes as well, so I can know exactly when two buses are going to race each other around the next corner and decide not to pick me up.

My favorite yellow things, apart from The Simpsons and maybe bananas. Photo via

My favorite yellow things, apart from The Simpsons and maybe bananas. Photo via

Trains on the subte will also become more frequent apparently, with 105 new carriages on Line A, 86 on B, 30 new ones for C, 60 for D, 120 for H and 45 refurbished coaches for Line E.

The machines alone will cost the taxpayer AR $26,878,989.45, an oddly specific amount but try and tell me it’s not a bargain. They should all be installed by the end of July, so start getting excited.