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Study: Argentines Are Very Unsatisfied With Economy But Still Approve Of Macri

By | [email protected] | August 8, 2016 4:14pm


According to a study jointly conducted by the University of San Andrés and market research group Ipsos, a majority of Argentines are highly unsatisfied with the state of the economy, but approximately half of Argentines still approve of President Mauricio Macri.

The study, which surveyed some 1,000 people throughout the country during the month of July, found that general satisfaction with how things are going in the country is hovering at 4.7, with 10 representing the highest rate of satisfaction and 1 representing the lowest.

Meanwhile, 50 percent of Argentines are satisfied with Macri’s administration (though the executive branch of government received a less-than-stellar score of 4.4 on the satisfaction scale) while only 20 percent are satisfied with the economy.

The survey revealed that Argentines with the least amount of schooling were most likely to disapprove of Macri’s administration. 44 percent of those who had completed primary school but not high school or post-graduate school, were “very dissatisfied” while only 22 percent of those had completed secondary school and 20 percent of those with post-graduate education felt the same.

Photo via San Andrés University and Ipsos

Satisfaction with the economic situation. “In general, how would you describe the economic situation of teh country?” Photo via San Andrés University and Ipsos

Argentines between the ages of 45 and 55 seemed to approve of the Macri administration more than younger generations, according to the poll. They had a 62 percent approval rating while only 46 percent of those in the age range of 16-34 said they approved.

What Argentines are most satisfied with is tourism and foreign policy, even though those satisfaction rates clocked in at 5.1, only, and fell by .2 point since last year. Argentines apparently are least satisfied with security in the country, which got a rating of 3.8. Employment also got a low rating of 3.9, behind the economy’s satisfaction rate of 4.0.

Photo via San Andrés University and Ipsos

“In general, do you approve or disapprove of the work of President Mauricio Macri?” Photo via San Andrés University and Ipsos

The survey was taken by 1,001 people throughout the country between the ages of 16 and 55. The sole requirement was having connection to the Internet. 25 percent affiliated themselves with Macri’s Cambiemos coalition. 12 percent of participants identified with the Victory Front (FpV) party and 11 percent with the Radical Civic Union. 21 percent remained unaffiliated.

Photo via San Andrés University and Ipsos

“What is your level of satisfaction with how things are going in the country? Please indicate on a scale from 1 to 10, where is very unsatisfied and 10 is very satisfied.” Photo via San Andrés University and Ipsos