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Street Artists Honor the 25th Anniversary of AMIA Bombing

The three murals pay tribute to the hospital that received the most injured.

By | [email protected] | July 17, 2019 3:11pm

Hospital de Clinicas AMIAPhoto courtesy of Infobae

Tomorrow, July 18th, marks the 25th anniversary of the largest terrorist attack in Argentine history. In 1994, 85 Jews died and hundreds more were injured in a bombing of the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina) building. On that day, Hospital de Clínicas treated more than 300 injured patients. For their diligent work in a moment of crisis, the AMIA has decided to honor the Recoleta hospital by commissioning three powerful murals to be painted on the outside of their building.

The second mural, dedicated to Hospital de Clínicas, was painted by Martín Ron. Photo courtesy of Infobae.

Many of the doctors and nurses on duty on that tragic day still work at the hospital, and the aim of the murals is to recognize their contributions, as well as to make a public statement against violence and anti-Semitism. The creation of the murals was overseen by AMIA Director of Art and Production, Elio Kapszuk, and the murals themselves were painted by Mariano Antedoménico, Martín Ron, and Mariela Ajras. The first mural depicts the moment right after the explosion, the second shows the hospital, and the third is a plea for justice for the victims.

Photo via Martín Ron’s Instagram account

AMIA has also planned a wide array of events to commemorate the anniversary. At 9:53 AM (the exact time of the explosion), people will gather for the “Central Act,” in front of the headquarters of AIMA under the slogan “85 lives torn up. 25 years of impunity.” The act of remembrance will feature speeches by the acting president of AMIA, Ariel Eichbaum; the director of the Hospital de Clínicas at the time of the act, Dr. Florentino Sanguinetti; and survivors of the attack. As every year, the ceremony will begin with the reading of the names of the deceased and candle-lighting in their honor.

On the night before, July 17th, young protestors will gather at Pasteur 633 to demand justice for the victims, chanting #NoDejemosDeContar. “Typos” is an art installation currently on display at the AMIA dedicated to the memory of the event and the call for justice. An exhibit of 38 photographs of the moments after the attack is currently featured at the Argentine Consulate in New York. AMIA sponsored the production of a new video, starring Gabriela Rodríguez, a 25-year-old who lost her mother in the attack, emphasizing how crucial remembering past trauma is for building the future.