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Statues Of Néstor Kirchner Keep Getting Vandalized

By | [email protected] | September 20, 2016 4:05pm


Vandalism to statues that have been put up to honor late former president Néstor Kirchner busts have occurred for sometime in Argentina. But over the last year or so there has been a considerable increase, according to Infonews. At least eight different tributes to the former President have been vandalized recently.

Here’s but a few cases:

During last year’s election campaign a bust in la Plazoleta Héctor José Cámpora in Quilmes, Buenos Aires province, was left without a face.

Hector bust

The complete beheading of a Kirchner was seen in Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos province. The bust was erected in 2011 and has been attacked four times, culminating in July when it was decapitated.

uruguay kirchner

The vandalism of the bust in the central square of Coronel Brandsen, Buenos Aires province sparked a bit of debate as some said the damage was caused by a combination of bad weather and poor materials rather than vandals.


The vandalism isn’t just contained to public areas. A portrait of Kirchner, along with other significant political figures was vandalized at the National Lanus University (Universidad Nacional de Lanús).

Kirchner, Uni