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Spotify Celebrates Día del Amigo with New Sharing Feature

Before Saturday, make a playlist with your and your bestie's fave jams.

By | [email protected] | July 18, 2019 11:35am

Spotify Mi Musica 2019Image via Spotify

Do you have the best music taste out of all your friends? Yes? Wow, good for you. Here’s the catch: I have a feeling all of your friends think they do, too. That can be an endless debate, but now at least you can figure out where your music tastes intersect. Long gone can be the days of one person monopolizing shared speakers with their personal playlist, one that everyone begrudgingly accepts but few fully enjoy. How, you ask?

For this year’s Friends Day (Día del Amigo), Spotify has cooked up a revolutionary solution to all your music-taste conflicts. The music streaming giant just launched “Our Common Spotify” (Nuestro Spotify en Común) in celebration of the holiday coming up this Saturday, July 20. The feature allows users to discover how much in common they *really* have with their closest friends in the area it matters most – music.

“Starting today, Spotify subscribers can enter the website and enjoy an exclusive playlist based on the music they both enjoy, so they have the perfect playlist for their Saturday meet-up, and for anytime they hang out in the future,” explained Spotify in its advertisement for the new feature.

The announcement finishes with “Ya sabemos que un amigo es una luz, pero ¿te entraste qué música los hace brillar en la oscuridad?” in a cheeky reference to the lyrics of the famous 1992 song Amigos by the mendocino group Los Enanitos Verdes.

So go ahead, waste no time: craft this legendary playlist before time runs out this Saturday. And while you’re at it, perusing through the wondrous musical universe that is Spotify, don’t forget to check out – and follow! – The Bubble‘s weekly staff picks.

Use the new website to let us know just how much you have in common with us – the more in common, the more we love you. Just kidding. Not really.