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Spotify Created A Playlist To Mourn Messi’s Resignation

By | [email protected] | June 28, 2016 12:23pm


Ever since Messi blindsided us with his announcement that he will be resigning from the Argentine football team la Sección and then left us in the dark with our tears and denial, the country as a whole has been begging him to take it back. Even Spotify.

Spotify created a Playlist of romantic songs begging Messi not to leave, appropriately entitled #NoTeVayasLio (Don’t Leave, Lio). It’s an hour and 31 minutes of “Stay,” “Don’t Go Away,” “I Need You,” and exactly what we were all feeling but were too sad to put together ourselves.

With the vocals of Ricky Martin in “Volverás” (“Return”) and Shakira’s “Si te vas” (“If you go”), it’s the perfect soundtrack for our Say Anything moment with Messi. Except by say anything, we really mean say you’re coming back.

Here it awaits. But unless you’re comfortable tearing up in front of your boss and your peers, be careful listening to it at work.