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How to Get a Workout this Spring without Breaking the Bank

Put the choripán down and get your booty in gear.

By | [email protected] | October 3, 2018 12:59pm


You know its Spring in Buenos Aires when you walk into work and your hair is covered in those annoying fluffy seeds that trees bombard us with 24/7. Don’t let that put you off though; it’s time to shed those layers and come out of hibernation. Winter is finally over, so we can go back to working out without fear of hypothermia. No, this is not another article promoting unrealistic body ideals. This is simply about promoting a healthier lifestyle and having fun in the process.

It’s easy to to fall into the routine of going home, pouring a glass of wine, and watching your favorite Netflix show after work. There’s nothing wrong with that – I’m all about promoting Malbec consumption on a daily basis. However, sometimes it’s good to switch it up and do something a bit active every now and then. You know, before the arthritis sets in.

Studies have suggested that exercising once a week can be just as beneficial as exercising a little everyday. If you can manage 150 minutes of exercise one or two days a week, you can really start to reap in the benefits of being more active. This won’t just reduce the risk of illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, and strokes, it’ll instantly improve your mood. Living in a generation where mental health issues affect almost all of us at one point in our lives, exercise is more important than ever.

A healthy body equals a healthy mind and with that, the Bubble has compiled a list of ways to get active for every budget.

Plazas Activas

A city government-sponsored program focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle, it offers activities for all ages. It gets better: all of these activities are completely FREE. This means you won’t have to take out a small mortgage to get active this Spring. What’s nice about this initiative is all the different classes are held in the city’s green spaces, which will perhaps offer a respite if you’ve been stuck in a windowless office all day. Get out there and enjoy the sun!

From circuit training to dance classes, Plazas Activas is a perfect way to get active on a tight budget but also meet some locals and make new friends.

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(Photo via Plazas Activas)

Plazas Activas | Class hours | Locations all around Buenos Aires | More info

Buenos Aires Corre

More FREE stuff, yay. Get that heart pumping and join the city’s running team. It doesn’t matter if you’re the tortoise or the hare, at the end of the day you’ll finish the race. It’s just about having fun and getting out of that couch potato mode. The training consists of a warm-up, both general and specific physical preparation, learning and improving your running technique, improvement of aerobic and anaerobic capacity, and relaxation/flexibility.

There are 11 venues across the city, so accessibility shouldn’t be an issue. Basically, you have no excuse.

Photo by aquachara on Unsplash

Buenos Aires Corre | Hours |Locations all around Buenos Aires | More info

Buenos Aires Fútbol Amigos (BAFA)

For those who haven’t joined a football team yet, it’s time to get out on the cancha. With its competitive but friendly matches, BAFA will let you meet other football fanatics from all over the world and perhaps burn of a bit of that beer belly.

There are plenty of opportunities to play as BAFA offers hour-long games throughout the week. They also host the Cup of Nations where you’ll have chance to be the next “Beckham” for England, or the next”Messi” for Argentina. That’s the full extent of my football knowledge. Sorry, not sorry.

While football matches are held weekly in San Telmo and Palermo, you’ll also have the opportunity to go to loads of organized social events with the team. Try not to drink too much beer though, it kinda ruins the whole point of my including it in this guide!

It’s very easy to sign up, just go to the website and buy a game pack. Pre-paying will also mean you’ll get 40 percent off. Win-win.

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(Photo via Buenos Aires Futbol Amigos)

Buenos Aires Fútbol Amigos | Matches | El Salvador 5301 – Palermo | More info 

Peru Beach

Peru Beach is located in Acassuso, one of the posher neighborhoods outside of ​​Capital Federal. It’s perfect for an outdoor stroll, if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the City. However, it’s so much more than that. Here you’ll have the chance to get adventurous, as there are plenty of schools for a variety of different outdoor sports, from rock climbing to kayaking to wind surfing. 

Escalando, the climbing school on this river side, offers activities for people of all ages and abilities, making it the perfect place for family and friends. A recreational climb, which includes an instructor and harness, costs AR $80. You can also get their promo and buy three tickets for AR $190 everyday until 6:30 PM. So maybe don’t spend that AR $80 peso on a happy hour pint and get out there with your friends.

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(Photo via Facebook/Escalando)

Escalando | Monday-Friday, 4-10 PM | Peru Beach – Acassuso | Contact: [email protected] 

Freddie’s Fit Club

Looking to get serious about getting in shape? Freddie’s Fit Club is probably the place for you. With its motto, “Health is Wealth,” this will quickly sort out those rolls. Set up by pro-boxer (and total babe) Freddie, it combines HIIT training with boxing in hourlong sessions that run from Monday to Friday. Classes are taught either in English or Spanish, depending on the makeup of each session. Think of it as an innovative language exchange, if anything.

There’s also a “Weekend Warrior” boot camp held on certain weekends. Freddie’s also about to open his own gym near Alto Palermo, so keep your eyes peeled. For more information on the exact location and prices, you can contact him directly: [email protected]

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(Photo via Facebook/Freddie’s Fit Club)

School of Pole

Just like Argentina’s beloved tango, which started out in shady back alleys of poorer neighborhoods and only later gained popularity internationally, pole dancing has quickly become a very popular form of exercise and even a competitive event. Besides, it’s the perfect excuse to strut your stuff and tap into that inner diosa we all know is hiding in there somewhere.

There’s a common misconception that pole dancing is for the pleasure of male counterparts, but this is simply not the case. At the School of Pole, learn to feel sexy in your own skin, for yourself and no one else. Classes will give you a full cardio extensive workout, strengthening your core and using muscles you never thought existed.

This is something a little bit more on the pricey side, offering monthly memberships from AR $1,220. This means you’ll have to dig a little deeper into those pockets, but it’s an ideal way to do something different this spring.

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(Photo via School of Pole)

School of Pole | Class hours | Av. Rivadavia 5765 | More info 

So, if you’re looking to live a more active lifestyle or an excuse to put that glass of wine down, why not give one of these activities a go? From football extravaganza to sliding up and down that caño, you have the chance to do it all. Who knows? You could be the next Magic Mike.