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Spoiler Alert: This is What the Obelisco Looks Like From the Air

By | [email protected] | September 22, 2015 12:45pm


The mystery of what happened to the tip of the traditional Obelisco in downtown Buenos Aires was swiftly solved this week once it was announced that it was all a stunt by artist Leandro Erlich and part of his art exhibit “The Democracy of the Symbol.”

The 42-year-old artist “hid” the Obelisco’s tip by placing an iron structure on top of it — an effective trompe l’oeil, or art technique that uses realistic imagery to play with the eye. A 3.5 by 3.5-meter replica of the tip was placed in front of the Buenos Aires Museum of Latin American Art (MALBA) to allow viewers to take a closer look at the iconic structure, which is usually off limits to the regular public.

Yesterday, TN decided to put an end to the illusion and fly a drone over the Buenos Aires landmark so we could all see what it really looked like from the air.

The illusion is now over.

Although not surprising, the images soon went viral on social media, where users joked about how it looked like a frightened turtle or an uncircumcised penis.

Because penis jokes are always fun.