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Government Creates a Special Committee to Reform the Civil and Commercial Code (Again)

By | [email protected] | March 7, 2018 11:28am

microPhoto via Microjuris

Less than three years after the new National Civil and Commercial Code came into effect, the Macri administration determined that it needs to be “partially” modified again.

In a decree published today in the Official Bulletin, the government announced the creation of a special committee comprised of five experts, who will be tasked with drafting a bill within a six-month period once they get official clearance to session. Once it’s done, it will be sent to Congress to be debated.

“Taking into account the constant dynamics of reality, two years since the Civil and Commercial Code came into effect there is a need to implement certain modifications to its articles, reforming some aspects and introducing others that were not taken into consideration at the time of its drafting,” reads decree 182/2018 signed by President Mauricio Macri and Justice Minister Germán Garavano.

Former President Cristina Kirchner celebrates the changes made to Argentina

Former President Cristina Kirchner celebrates the changes made to Argentina’s Civil and Commercial Code back in 2015 (Photo via Wikipedia)


The language in the decree describes the committee as composed of “renowned experts in the academic activity:” Julio César Rivera, Ramón Daniel Pizarro, Diego Botana, Agustina Diaz Cordero – who will also be the committee’s academic secretary – and Marcelo Rufino, who will be the “ad hoc” Secretary. None of them will be paid for this work.

The reform from 2015 was the first one to be done in 144 years, and impacted several areas of Argentine law such as contracts, liability, property ownership transfer and family-related legal issues (adoption, marriage, civil and strict liability, inheritances, etc). You can read more about the Kirchner-era changes here.

It is still unknown what areas of the new code will be modified but we will certainly keep you posted.