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Spanish Ship Caught Allegedly Fishing In Argentine Waters

By | [email protected] | February 5, 2018 12:25pm


New day, new international news? It certainly seems so, since yesterday, Argentine naval authorities caught a Spanish ship in Argentine waters with 320 tons of fish.

While the Spanish maintain they were in international waters, matters (at least for now) don’t seem so clear. Adding to this and according to Security minister Patricia Bullrich, the large quantity of fish is worth a significant amount of money (millions, actually).

“We are working with federal forces to protect the resources that belong to Argentina. We will continue strengthening our presence in the waters to ensure security and to guarantee compliance with the law,” Bullrich said.

However, Javier Touza, the president of the Spanish Shipowners Association of Vigo (ARVI), contests any illegal consumption of Argentine resources.

He further maintained that the whole crew was in “total collaboration” with Argentina’s naval regulations and that they “are in perfect condition, even though they may have to stop fishing and go to Comodoro Rivadavia.”

Touza said that the Argentine coast guards requested to detain the ship and that a group of inspectors boarded the vessel, instructing them to go to the port. “We will have to contrast the Argentine facts with the Spanish, because there are two versions,” said the president of ARVI. He also suggested resolving the conflict by blue box, a satellite system that monitors the position of the ship at all times, which at least on paper, would seem like a pretty straightforward way of figuring out the truth.

The dispute comes at an interesting time, as Spain and Argentina have finally entered an amicable alliance after years of tension under the Kirchner administration following the controversy surrounding the expropriation of oil company YPF in 2012.

Let’s hope this doesn’t spoil the party.