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Some Things To Do in Buenos Aires on International Women’s Day

By | [email protected] | March 7, 2018 11:52am

womens-march(Photo via Wear Your Voice Mag).

We all know that March 8th is an important date to protest, march and show solidarity against the many inequalities women face worldwide, as well as a day to think about how eventual gender equality may come about.

Nowadays, many activities have sprouted using this date as an opportunity to do something different, and while this is great, it’s also important not to forget what happened in the past that made us name March 8 “International Women’s Day.” For those in need of a brief refresher course, here are the main points:

First, a little history 

International Women’s Day was first celebrated on March 19 (not the later March 8), 1911. On that day, all those years ago, a million women and men rallied in support of women’s rights. The idea behind this day was born after America’s National Women’s Day, which was set to take place on the last Sunday of each February, and had started on 1909, as declared by the Socialist Party of America.

With this to serve as inspiration, the Socialist International met in Denmark and the delegates approved the idea of an International Women’s Day. It’s celebrations often included marches and other demonstrations. Not even a week after the first International Women’s Day, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire killed 146 people, from which 123 were young, often immigrant, women, in New York City. That incident was the starting point which serve to cause many changes in industrial working conditions, and it has been often invoked as part of the history behind the International Women’s Day.


Women’s Day taking place back in 1917. (Photo via University of Chicago)


This day also serves as a day to celebrate the many triumphs and successes of brilliant women around the globe. It’s a chance to look back at the past and be proud of what women have achieved, but also a time to challenge the present and be optimistic about the future.

With Buenos Aires fully embracing International Women’s Day, you really have no excuse to miss out on the many events celebrating women taking place across the city. And since we’re so very nice, we’ve come up with a few ways to do just that.

Head for a few drinks with the gals and say cheers to women everywhere

Hamburger restaurant Mi Barrio is offering a full day happy hour for all the lady fans of gin and tonic. Offering four different gin and tonic drinks, women can enjoy two for one all day. FYI, no one said anything about after office – what about during lunch?

Take your pick from orange, lemon, cucumber or berry flavoured gin and tonic. (Photo via Mi Barrio)

Take your pick from orange, lemon, cucumber or berry flavoured gin and tonic. (Photo via Mi Barrio)

Open from 12 PM | Locations across the city

Jewish style street-food gastropub Benaim is mixing up three cocktails that are all inspired by female Argentine musicians. Argentine poet María Elena Walsh will be featured along with Mapuche originated Aimé Painé and tango singer Rosita Quiroga. From 6 PM, women can enjoy any one of these cocktails for AR $100, along with a happy hour including all of their eight craft beers.

(Photo via Benaim)

(Photo via Benaim)

Gorriti 4015 | 6 PM – 12.30 AM | More info

There’s no better way to celebrate than to party  

Moroccan brasserie Tetuán will be hosting an electronic music party to transport you to a far away land without you even having to set foot on a plane. Bartender Irina Juárez will be mixing a few new drinks with one in particular dedicated to Mexican artist and legend Frida Kahlo, along with another one dedicated to Simone de Beauvoir. Progressive house music Dj Martin Bordoli will be about spinning the decks, creating a perfect ambiance to chat about all the inspiring women in your life and in the world, and drinking – literally – to their names.

(Photo via Tetuan)

(Photo via Tetuan)

Dr. Emilio Ravignani 1780 | 6 PM – 12.30 AM | More info

Head for a couples dinner… but instead treat you and your best girl friend

Fusion style Basque–Middle Eastern restaurant Lekeitio is offering a glass of sparkling wine to all those coming for dinner on the day. A classic date restaurant that is just right for you and you best girl friend, pick and mix between garlic prawns, tortilla and cod croquettes while you sip on a Negroni and chat the night away.

(Photo via Lekeitio)

(Photo via Lekeitio)

Santos Dumont 4056 | 8 PM – 12 AM | More info

For those that feel like adding a bit of culture to the mix

To celebrate International Women’s Day, throughout all of March the Recoleta Culture Center will be showing a selection of movies all directed by women. With International Women’s Day falling on this Thursday, 8 March, there’ll be a screening of classic American movie “Big” or in Spanish, “Quisiera ser Grande,” directed by Penny Marshall. Chosen to explore the female directors’ view point, the Center wants to encourage female directors in a world where male dominated cinema rules.

Centro Cultural Recoleta | Junín 1930 | 8 PM | Free | More info

INCAA, the national center for film and audiovisual arts, will also be showing movies directed by women in all of their venues and many national cinemas across the country. Starting on the 8th until the 14th, you’ll be able to catch several incredible movies at the Gaumont cinema, the first one being “Hoy partido a las tres,” directed by Clarisa Navas, at 8 PM.

The Gaumont Cinema, where many of the movies will be shown. (Photo via La Izquierda Diario).

The Gaumont Cinema, where many of the movies will be shown. (Photo via La Izquierda Diario).

Cine Gaumont | Av. Rivadavia 1635 | 8 PM | 8th – 14th March | More info

If you’d like a bit of discussion

On the eve of the big day (so, today, basically) head to the Museo Histórico Nacional in San Telmo for a talk about the lives of distinguished Argentine painters Raquel Forner and Josefina Robirosa. Run by the San Telmo Art Group, well known writer Isabel Haydée Botana along with the editor of Clarín Mujer, Carola Sainz will be among the women leading the talk. Prepare for some strong women talking about other strong women, and feel free to have your girlfriends join you so that you can continue the conversation even after the event is done.

Museo Histórico Nacional | Defensa 1600 | March 7th | Free | More info 

Also later today there will be a discussion between influential feminists and directors of political organizations here in Buenos Aires. Organized by the Observatorio de Género y Políticas Públicas de Buenos Aires (an organization analyzing gender and public policy), representatives from Ni Una Menos and LatFem (Latin America’s digital media outlet dedicated to feminist news) will be speaking.


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Centro Cultural Casa Brandon | Luis María Drago 236 | March 7th | Free | More info