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Social Organization Distributes Meals Across Buenos Aires, Protests Lack Of Food

By | [email protected] | July 19, 2016 12:24pm


The social organization Barrios de Pie is staging another citywide protest today, blocking off roads and main intersections in continued dissent against the lack of jobs and provisions for soup kitchens in the City of Buenos Aires. Members of Barrios de Pie will block roads and set up makeshift food stations (ollas populares) at more than 100 spots throughout the capital, where prepared food will be brought and disseminated.

Today’s protest started at 7 AM at the intersection of Callao and Corrientes, where members of the organization installed the first food station of the day, according to Infobae.

Additional roadblocks on main arteries will accompany the Barrio de Pies protest. Blocked intersections will include the intersection of Lacroze and Corrientes, Richieri and General Paz, Córdoba and Ravignani as well as Diagonal Norte and Florida.

Here’s a helpful map of the protest locations around the city:

Screenshot via Infobae

Screenshot via post on Infobae

These protests occur during a time in Argentina in which high inflation occurs at the same time that many workers have been laid off in both the public and private sector, and rate hikes on utilities are creating a massive dent in Argentines’ wallets. According to a July 11th report from the Institute of Social, Economic and Urban Political Research, (ISEPCi), the median income in the southern area of the City was below the poverty line. Income inequality is stark, and 43 percent of capital residents live in households that cannot afford to buy a month’s worth of basic goods (food, etc.) for a family of three, which is valued at AR $17,531 per month.

“These statistics demonstrate the daily social conditions that are developing in the richer areas of Argentina,” wrote Isaac Rudnik, the Director of ISEPCi, on the organization’s website. “This manifests itself, among other examples, in the increased demand for soup kitchens.”

“The rise in food prices and rate hikes on most public services and everything that this has set off has profoundly affected the workers and the poorest sectors of society, who every day are farther from a plate of food, the tools that are necessary to find a new job, a roof over their heads and a job too,” said Daniel Menéndez, the coordinator of Barrios de Pie, according to an article in La Nación.

“Before, we lived with a similar level of inflation,” Menéndez told Infobae. Now, because of the relative lack of social programs, the economic situation is different. “Before, there was work,” he said.

At 8 PM, the protest will conclude at Plaza Congreso. Members of Barrios de Pie will give out food to the homeless, in an effort not only aims to help those without resources but also works to provide visibility for homelessness in Buenos Aires.

Photo via Cadena 3

Photo via Cadena 3

Created in 2001, Barrios de Pie is a Kirchnerite social organization that speaks on behalf of Argentina’s unemployed populations, demonstrating against poverty and hunger. Barrios de Pie is also known for providing community service and food distributions along with their protests, organizing with community bakeries and soup kitchens.

This is not the first time in recent weeks that Barrios de Pie has protested the current economic situation. On July 7th, Barrios de Pie joined other social organizations and picketed on behalf of increased government aid to soup kitchens, protesting in front of supermarkets and requesting food donations.

On July 27th, Barrios de Pie will stage a march across La Plata. Members of Barrios de Pie will walk for two days in order to obtain an audience with Buenos Aires Province Governor María Eugenia Vidal.