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These Two Sisters Got Lost in the Jungle of Tucumán and Their Video Plea for Help Went Viral

"Nos fuimos a la reverenda concha de la lora."

By | [email protected] | August 29, 2019 3:14pm

Monica y Claudia LopezPhoto via La Nación

A three hour tour. I guess that sentence will only make sense to those of you old enough (or cool enough) to have watched Gilligan’s Island at some point, but whatever. Thats what sisters Mónica (62) and Claudia (67) López were expecting when they left their native Buenos Aires to visit Tucumán for a bit of adventure, at least. After spending the day hiking around San Javier to visit a waterfall, they got lost on the way back and were missing in the jungle for 48 hours; they stayed hydrated thanks to the water they brought to drink mate (#obvi) and half a bag of bizcochitos de grasa (#obvi, part two). But the best part of it all is the hilarious video they filmed while still lost, explaining what happened, asking for help, and puteando like there’s no tomorrow.

The plan was to hike “500 meters” to the waterfall and then walk along “a river with some rocks,” todo bien. But after the sisters reached their goal, upon returning they missed the signs indicating the route back to the start. “We don’t know what happened,” they say in the video above. Basically, they “got really, really, fucking lost” (nos fuimos a la reverenda concha de la lora). “We have no fucking idea how the fuck we’re going to get out of here,” they continue, in an extremely calm and almost lighthearted manner – for the record, I’d be screaming my face off, crying hysterically, and preparing to meet my maker if I were in that situation.

After spending the night in the jungle, “hanging from two trees,” these badass hermanas reported being pretty banged up, with cuts and scrapes on their knees and elbows. Which is when they decided to record “this lovely message” in the hopes that someone would come to their rescue: “We’re grateful for making it this far, but ya está. We’re ready to come home.” Again, they’re somehow *so* calm, cool, and collected while recording their desperate plea for help; I don’t get it, but I love them.

Damián, one of the women’s sons, grew worried on Sunday evening when he hadn’t heard anything from the women for several hours. Not hesitating, he filed a police report and traveled to Tucumán to begin the search; he also alerted Hertz to see if they could offer any help. Luckily, rescue workers were able to trace the women’s cell phone signal to their last known location, where they also found their rental car.

Don’t worry – there’s a happy ending, of course. Moni and Clau (yes, I’ve already got nicknames for them), were rescued on Tuesday night in the area surrounding the Noque River, about three miles from the trail head. It was reported that Federico Gómez, a Hertz employee, was the one that located the women among the dense vegetation. They were of course dehydrated and a little disoriented, but otherwise safe and sound.

If you need a good happy cry, here’s video capturing the moment that the rescue was completed:

Claudia commented to La Nación: “We’re so grateful to both Federico and everyone from the area, because they didn’t give up in the search for us.” Damián added: “Federico deserves all of the accolades. He’s the one that rescued them.”