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Shopping Malls On Alert Over Terrorist Attack Rumors

By | [email protected] | October 30, 2015 1:10pm


The Unicenter mall in Martínez and Abasto center in Once are on alert for a potential terrorist attack this weekend after a letter warning of an alleged threat from Ansar Dine, a terrorist group from Mali affiliated with Al Qaeda, was intercepted earlier this week.

The letter, which comes from National Criminal Intelligence Director Sebastián Fernández Giatti and was directed to the head of the Federal Police, Román Di Santo, mentions a warning received from “one of our diplomatic representations abroad” and recommends that the nation reinforce its security at the borders.

News began circulating on WhatsApp and on the Internet earlier this week.

The Federal Police’s Anitiexplosive Brigade conducted a thorough search of the shopping center today but found no evidence of any explosives. The brigade will continue providing additional security in the affected areas throughout the weekend.

Photo via Diario Popular.

Photo via Diario Popular.