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Shakespeare Festival’s Sixth Edition Kicks Off In Buenos Aires

By | [email protected] | February 24, 2016 6:22pm


Despite a few complications following the culture ministry’s decision not to fund this year’s Shakespearean Festival in Buenos Aires “for budgeting reasons”, there is still a full program on offer. This year however, it is split up into three stages, will be lasting two months instead of one week and it starts this week, marking the 400th anniversary of thou great English playwright’s death.

The Stratford-upon-Avon born legend and dramatist certainly stopped the clocks in our English literature classes but we will always thank him for Baz Lurman’s interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. But I digress – without further ado, here is the first stage’s program:

Friday 26th February

FILM (7.30PM): The Winter’s Tale will be projected with Spanish subtitles in the British Art Center (Suipacha 1333). We’re talking Kenneth Branagh and Judi Dench here: a five star cast. Bring some snacks because you’ll be there for three hours. Tickets cost AR$50 and you must pick them up from the ticket office one hour prior to the shows start.

Saturday 27th February

THEATER (10.30AM): An adaptation of Twelfth Night by Compañía Güilliam Yexpier in Ciudad Oculta’s football pitch. Entrance is free but you must sign up here.

TALK (2PM): English literature and Shakespeare expert Professor James Shapiro from Colombia University will be giving a conference called “1599 and 1606: Two years in the life of Shakespeare.” Simultaneous translating will be available. Entrance is free but you must sign up via the link.

THEATER (5PM): Directed by Penny Cherns and starring renowned British actor George Irving, Anthony Unbound will be performed at Paseo La Plaza, Sala Pablo Picasso (Avenida Corrientes 1660). Tickets cost AR$200 and they can be purchased here.

Sunday 28th February

WALK (10.30PM): There is going to be a Shakespearean walk leaving from the main entrance of the Planetarium.

This is the only available info so far but fret not, we’ll keep you in the loop as soon as more dates are released. Just FYI, did you know that these expressions were Shakespearian?

  • Faint hearted
  • Break the ice
  • For goodness sake
  • A heart of gold
  • What’s done is done
  • Love is blind

Perhaps my fourteen year-old self should have focused more on the teacher and less on the blue eyed brunette across the room, but it’s all new to me and it doesn’t stop there. Mind.blown. Who knew we spoke so much Shakespeare on the daily?