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Severely Understaffed Police Station Calls 911 For Help

By | [email protected] | September 15, 2014 12:38pm



According to a recent audio released this morning to the press, a police officer who was left completely alone in a Dock Sud  police station decided to call 911 and ask for help after hearing “strange noises” on the roof of the building while being in charge of 30 prisoners. Officer Déborah Sánchez apparently feared a revolt and, since no one else was around to help her, she decided to call for help.

The audio, which you can listen to here, is an exchange between the 911 operator and several dispatchers and police officers who discuss the situation. At some point, the 911 operator tells one of them that they should “try and stop by,” the Tercera police station, to which an officer replies:

“I don’t think just ‘stopping by’ will be of much help, ma’am. This is a fellow officer we’re talking about. What we should do is add more staff to the police station.”

But the operator quickly replies that that is something that needs to be discussed “with the people upstairs.” Even worse is what one of the officers says when asked to drop by the police station to check things out: “I only have one vehicle to patrol all of Dock Sud and Villa Tranquila.

If there’s one situation that perfectly illustrates how chaotic and precarious the situation of the force is, then look no further. This is it.


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