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Seriously, Uruguay? Again, It’s ‘Malvinas,’ Not ‘Falklands’

By | [email protected] | September 16, 2015 5:17pm


Uruguay may once again have temporarily broken the “bro code” with Argentina this week at the Expo Prado, a farming expo, in Montevideo.

Don’t worry – they’re boys again – but only after the Uruguayan government removed a United Kingdom booth that was promoting products and services of the “Falkland” Islands. Eh hem.

Photo via Infobae.

Photo via Infobae.

In brief, the UK decided to hang a beautiful map of the Malvinas Islands on a wall right behind a Mini Cooper painted as the British flag, behind which hung a banner reading “Falkland Islands Government.”

Argentine Embassy officials were quick to protest the indignity until eventually authorities from the Uruguayan Rural Association forced the Brits to get rid of the controversial booth.

There were guided student tours taking place at the exposition – which may have been problematic for those with an exam in Latin American geography the following day. It also didn’t help that Gavin Phillip Short, a representative for the Islands, was blowing up Twitter with tweets like the following:

So what is there to take away from this? Well for one thing Uruguay kind of dropped the ball again…but then made up for it like a true friend. Other than that, Argentina and the UK still disagree on the hottest archipelago in the Southern Atlantic – though there may be some promise for a resolution.

On another note, is that Mini Cooper not from Austin Powers?