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Sergio Berni, the Putin-like crime-fighter within Peronism

Turns out he wants to be president.

By | [email protected] | July 22, 2020 8:00am


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Sergio Berni, Buenos Aires Province’s current Security Minister, is the same disobedient man who has spent the last few weeks touring the media. A permanent presence that is at the same time annoying and useful to the national administration. At times, it seems like Berni is a part of Channel 2’s permanent staff. In only a week he was invited to Polémica en el BarFantino a la TardeAnimales Sueltos, and Intratables, as well as making an appearance on TN.

But maybe the most annoying appearance for Alberto Fernández was on Nada Personal, where Berni told interviewer Viviana Canosa that he wanted to “be president”. It was a potential headline that the traditional media decided not to run with.

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