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Semana Del Copetín Porteño Is Coming To Buenos Aires And It Looks Delicious

By | [email protected] | October 2, 2015 4:06pm


As yet another consequence of European immigration, the term copetín comes from the Genoese dialect, cuppetin, which means aperitif or light snack to eat with your drink before a meal. Unlike the light snack, the copetín follows two rules in Argentina. Firstly, it comes hand in hand with an alcoholic beverage and secondly it is consumed in the afternoon. Sort of like an adult version of the merienda with cheese, pretzels and peanuts rather than cookies, yogurt or alfajores.

Where am I actually going with this? Well, as we all know, what fashion means to Paris, food means to Buenos Aires (as do long hours spent in bars and cafes) so accordingly, the copetin is getting a weeklong moment of fame, and it starts tomorrow.

The city’s Ministry of Culture is hosting the first ever Semana Del Copetín Porteño from October 3rd to 12th from 7PM to 10PM every evening in over 70 participating bars.

Doesn’t sound too shabby does it? It’s a unique experience for us to experience one of the best porteño traditions out there.

Here’s the deal. Below is a list of all the participating bars for you to browse through. The selection of bars is divided into three groups: notables (i.e.: the city’s most traditional bars; essentially part of the city’s cultural legacy for their antiquity and architecture), modernos (i.e.: modern) y clasicos (i.e.: take a guess).

The offer, which includes an aperitif created by renowned bartender, Carlo Contini, will vary depending on the bar, to accurately reflect the vibes of the host. Wouldn’t wanna be drinking a Jägerbomb in Café Tortoni now would we?

In addition to the drinking, Semana del Copetin Porteño also includes activities for us all to immerse ourselves in an enhanced Buenos Aires tradition, etc, etc.

“The goal of this week is for us to rediscover the old tradition of meeting face to face with our loved ones. The copetín invites us to escape the routine and take a break to reconnect.”

– Camilo Suarez, president of the AHRCC

Here’s where we can all pretend to be civilised porteño adults for the week:

Bares Notables (60$ drinks): Bar del Glorias; Bar El Colonial; Bar Iberia; Bar Lavalle; Bar Oviedo; Bar Seddon; Bárbaro; Británico; Café de la U; Café Bar Roma; Café Montserrat; Café Palacio; Café Roma; Casa Watson; Confitería Hotel Castelar; Confitería Ideal; El Banderín; El Buzón; El Coleccionista; El Faro; El Gato Negro; El Hipopótamo; El Progreso; El Símbolo; El Tokio; El Viejo Buzón; El Querandí; Esquina Homero Manzi; Hotel Savoy – Bar Imperio; La Academia; La Biela; La Embajada; La esquina de Aníbal Troilo; La Nueva Coruña; La Perla (La Boca); La Perla Bar; Los Laureles; Los 36 Billares; Mar Azul; Montecarlo; Ocho Esquinas (the dramatic music on the website should totally close the deal for you); Petit Colón; Quintino; y Varela Varelita.

Bares Clásicos (50$ drinks): Borgatta; Catania; El Griego II; La Esmeralda; Los Cocos; Murillo; Natacha; Pizzería Pin Pun; Podestá; Podestá II; Selquet; Solera del Parque; y Tibidabo.

Bares Modernos (80$ drinks): Aldos; Beersel; Casa Cruz; Down Town Matías; La Princesa; Luz Mala; Milion; Noveccento; Omm; Peugeot Lounge; Pizza Cero; Puerta Uno; Snatch; y Tesla.

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