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I’ll Drink to That: Semana de la Coctelería 2019 is Upon Us

Organized by BACóctel, the week-long event includes more than 65 bars.

By | [email protected] | May 1, 2019 9:00am

Mr. Ernest (6)Photo via BA Cóctel

It would be an understatement to say that things in Argentina aren’t going so hot right now. Between soaring inflation, a plummeting peso, and having to Google what the Country Risk Index even means, we’re all encompassed in an ugly cloud of gloom and doom. Some days it seems like the only way we can get out of bed is by watching animal rescue videos on The Dodo on repeat (hey, whatever you need to make it through, bb).

Luckily, however, there *are* some great reasons to celebrate now that a new month is upon us and everywhere we turn, some kind of food-related event is taking place. And since it’s of utmost importance to stay hydrated, it’s our pleasure to introduce 2019’s Semana de la Coctelería hosted by BACóctel. From May 4-11, a record 66 bars around Buenos Aires are joining in the festivities under the theme “Buenos Aires, a global city.”  Honoring the city’s rich legacy of immigration, cultural diversity, and cosmopolitan style, Cocktail Week lifts a glass – literally – to celebrate BA’s best bars that are at the forefront of the new wave of gastronomic greatness.

This is the fifth edition of Cocktail Week, but if you’re unfamiliar with how things work, we’ll get you up to speed. The bars taking part have designed a special cocktail – this time around, linked to the theme mentioned above – available at promotional prices throughout the duration of the festival. In addition, there is a jam-packed agenda full of guided tours, pop-ups, classes, workshops, and so much more. Really! It’s a veritable Disney World for functioning alcoholics (please drink responsibly, we don’t want to have to ask you again).

Admittedly, the agenda is a little overwhelming at first glance. As with most of these kinds of events, it’s best to take your time and come up with a game plan to maximize your enjoyment of the activities – that’s the point, after all. Read on for our selection of can’t-miss events and happenings at Semana de la Coctelería 2019.

If you tend to suffer from #FOMO, be sure to get a ticket to the opening party on Friday, May 4th at Puente G, the new space by cocktail diosa Mona Gallosi. From 9 PM to 2 AM, you’ll sip on dranks with Tanqueray, Jägermeister, Cynar, Martini, Antica Formula, Campari, Gancia, Ketel One, Yaguara, and Johnnie Walker. A ticket for AR $250 gets you entrance and a cocktail, and one for AR $400 gets you two drinks. What are you waiting for? Save your spot online.

When it comes to the guided tours, this year there are tons of great options from which to choose. Spoiler alert: I’m leading a couple of them, so read on for an #autobomba self-promotional moment. Before that, though, why not check out Claudio Weissfeld’s Chori, Vermú, & Cócteles on Tuesday, May 7th? Vegetarians might want to abstain from this tour that kicks off at Corte Carnicería with a talk about the different kinds of chorizo, washed down with a nice vermouth and soda. From there, you’ll head over to Fernando Trocca and Inés de los Santos’s new hotspot, Orilla, for another drink and more meat-focused conversation. Tickets are AR $700 and include a chorizo tasting (!), vermouth, and cocktail at Orilla.

If you’re keen to guarantee yourself some Insta-worthy snaps, check out the tour that will have you bopping from cúpula to cúpula in downtown Buenos Aires. The team at Cohabitar Urbano, organizers behind the incredible Open House initiative, will take you to two iconic buildings where you can see the city from above. Start off at Galería Güemes, head on to the Universidad de Morón’s post-grad campus, and wrap things up with cocktails and snacks at Negresco, the bar located at the Hotel Palladio MGallery. Tickets are AR $890 and can be bought here.

There’s two more tours that I have to personally recommend, if only because I’m the one that is leading them. Yes, I’m shameless and there’s nothing you can do about it. Sorry, not sorry. On Wednesday, May 8th, we’ll discover the gems of Villa Crespo, starting at BA’s first speakeasy 878, meandering over to chic af wine bar Vico, and getting our tiki on at the flamante Oh’No! Lulu. For those of you that aren’t sure of your Spanish skills or that just want to listen to me talk about my dog all night, definitely sign up. Tickets are AR $890 and include a drink at each stop as well as some snacks at the final bar.  On Thursday, May 9th, we’ll hit the lesser-known part of Palermo for a stroll that kicks off at Tato Giovannoni’s newest endeavor Las Patriotas, continue on to hidden gem Faraday, and wind down at Verne Club. Pick up your tickets online; cost is the same as the other tour. They’re obviously going to the be the 100 percent, absolute highlight of the week, so I would book my spot if I were you.

Of course, this doesn’t even scratch the surface of everything that will be happening all over Buenos Aires during Cocktail Week. You can purchase promo packs for incredible cocktail deals, attend informative workshops lead by experts in the spirits industry, and so much more. There really is something for everyone – well, maybe unless you don’t drink alcohol – and is an ideal opportunity to hit the pavement and thank your local bartender for their service.

Semana de la Coctelería | May 4-11 | Bars across Buenos Aires | Web | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter 

Complete list of participating bars: 878, 416 Snack Bar, Aldo’s, Amalur, Anasagasti, BASA, Boticario, Bourbon Beer and Brunch, Bradley, Brandon, Bronce, Brukbar, Café Rivas, Casa Cavia, Chabrés, Chaco Bar, Congo, Docks, Doppel, Dorian Bar, Eddie Bar, Faraday, Festival, Pony Line (Four Seasons Buenos Aires), Fusion Bar, Gran Bar Danzón, The Harrison, Johnny B Good, Kinky, La Academia Bar, La Calle, La Ferneteria, La Fuerza, Langanini, Los Galgos, Luzmala, Mito, Negresco Bar (Palladio Hotel), Oak Bar (Park Hyatt Buenos Aires), Oh’No! Lulu, Orilla, Pantano, Parque, Las Patriotas, Portezuelo, Presidente, Puerta Uno, Rey de Copas, Salón 1923, Sede Whisky, Sheldon, Shout, Sofitel Buenos Aires, Soria, The Hole, The Library Lounge (Faena Hotel), Tirso, Verne, Vico Wine Bar, Vuelta Abajo, Wherever y White Bar (Hotel Madero).