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Secret Adidas Stash Unearthed In… Mataderos?

By | [email protected] | November 6, 2014 1:25pm


Proving again that treasure can be found in the most unlikely of places. Mataderos is taking a break from being known solely for having the only feria that can rival the shit show taking place in San Telmo every Sunday, by serving as the unlikely location for a treasure trove of long lost retail goodness.

Last year, a group of English clothing connoisseurs were tipped off to the existence of the holy grail of their chosen field of study – a shop in Mataderos housing shelves upon shelves, boxes upon boxes of untouched, vintage and collectible Adidas merchandise. These dudes were Adidas experts and this find was their sloppy, branded wet dream. Some fixing and a few celebrity accomplices later (The Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown was among the crew), and they were on their way to Mataderos.

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New York Fashion Week this was not. In Mataderos, they found the shop’s proprietor, Carlos Ruiz, a surly Argentine with a sad past. Sitting at the helm of his Adidas time capsule, he told the Britons of how, in the early 2000’s, he was robbed and shot in the store. Unable to walk for two years, he returned to the shop, physically healed, but scarred by the incident and becoming a widower in the interim. The business is more one of therapy than commerce, with Ruiz spending hours in the store but often refusing to sell his stock. However, he granted the experts two full days to wade through the swathe of unopened boxes (in 45 degree heat and during a blackout) and gave them permission to take some of the rarer finds with them. From this booty they have created a new line of Adidas clothing, the Spezials collection. The range consists of twelve items of clothes and four pair of shoes. They’ve even redesigned the famous three-stripe logo especially for the collection. Super Spezial.


If anyone is keen to see Ruiz and his Adidas arsenal in the flesh, the store is located on Avenida Emilio Casto and Guamini in Mataderos. If you’re lucky, he might even sell you something.