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There’s a Beer in Argentina Made with Seawater

Fluence Argentina and Antares teamed up for this wild idea.

By | [email protected] | February 19, 2019 11:37am


Is there really anything more refreshing than drinking a beer while you gaze out across the sea? Well, there are a couple of companies in Mar del Plata that seem to think there is. Fluence Argentina, a company that specializes in the treatment and reuse of water has teamed up with Antares to create Oceánica, the first beer made with desalinated seawater. That’s right… You thought a glass of beer by the beach was nice? Try having the beach inside your glass for a change.

The project is spearheaded by three chemical engineers from the city: Leo Ferrari and Pablo Rodríguez from Antares, and Alejandro Sturniolo from Fluence Argentina. It is meant to signify the compromise of both companies with protecting the environment and creating some much needed awareness about the scarcity of resources in today’s world as well as the imperative need for sustainable alternatives. All while creating an icy cold brew in the process.

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Presentamos junto a Fluence, la primera cerveza del país hecha con agua de mar!!!?? No seamos dramáticos pero digamos las cosas como son. El problema del agua en el planeta no está asociado a la falta del recurso, sino a que no siempre está disponible en donde lo necesitamos. Casi el 97% del agua en la tierra la encontramos en forma de mares. La ciudad de Mar del Plata se abastece de agua potable desde acuíferos subterráneos. Sin embargo, la explotación prolongada y a la vez creciente genera un mayor estrés sobre las napas de agua, haciendo que los pozos pierdan calidad y deban desactivarse. Una alternativa estratégica para disminuir dicho estrés es la potabilización de agua de mar. Hace unos años, Ale Sturniolo, VP de Marketing y Ventas de Fluence MDP, nos viene diciendo “Dale loco, hagamos una cerveza con agua de mar!” Y bueno… no nos resistimos! Se viene Oceánica ?? y la vas a poder disfrutar en todos los Antares! Salud!! . #CervezaArtesanal #MardelPlata

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Just to give a bit of context about the current global water crisis: according to UNICEF, 3 out of 10 people worldwide do not have access to safe water. 75 percent of the population lives less than 100 kilometers from the ocean; what’s more, increasingly larger cities generate stress on the sources of drinking water due to the demand of the resource and irreversible contamination. So yeah, it’s kind of a big issue.

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So how do you make beer from seawater? Well, that process includes complicated words like reverse osmosis, semi-permeable membranes, and pasteurization. Basically, it needs to undergo desalination in order to be reutilized as potable drinking water before then being made into beer. Science!

Suffice it to say that odds are that it tastes really, really good, since Antares has been crafting quality beer  in Argentina for almost 20 years now. The brand has always made a point to work only with the best ingredients and has seen its empire grow as a result, to the tune of 40 bars all around Argentina.

Oceánica (which is a blonde, by the way) will be a limited edition beer and will be available at all Antares locations from March 22nd. Cheers!