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School Expels 15-Year Old For Releasing Sex Tape With Fellow Student

By | [email protected] | September 29, 2016 3:47pm


A 15-year old student (now formerly) attending River Plate institute — yes, it’s the football team’s school — was expelled from the school for publishing pictures and videos on WhatsApp of him having sexual relations with a fellow female student, also underage.

The student was expelled on June 16, but the news surfaced today after a Court of Appeals agreed with the school’s decision following a suit by the kid’s parents, who called for the sanction to be reversed.

In an interview with TN this morning, school principal Gastón Corti explained the decision was made because the publication is “extremely serious.”

“We’re talking about the right to intimacy and the privacy of a teenager. This is very damaging, and it sometimes has irreparable consequences,” he added.

Corti went on to explain that besides the case itself the school’s decision also had to do with the fact that the student was far from a stellar member of the institution, and had been sanctioned before. “He would use his mobile phone inside the classroom, forged his parents’ signature in his report card,” Corti said. “We also reached out to his parents but didn’t get an answer.”