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Scarlet Page at FOLA: Portraits of the World’s Greatest Guitarists

Introducing Scarlet Page and her exhibition, Resonators+, to Argentina.

By | [email protected] | March 13, 2019 12:55pm

Paul Weller hands cropPhoto via Scarlet Page

It’s not often that photography exhibitions go from the walls of London’s Royal Albert Hall to those of Palermo’s Fototeca Latinoamericana. Yet this Friday, that’s exactly what will be happening as Scarlet Page opens Resonators+, a series of intimate portraits of the world’s greatest guitarists photographed with the instruments they love.

The British music photographer and daughter of Led Zeppelin’s legendary guitarist Jimmy Page first exhibited the portraits at Camden’s The Proud Gallery in 2015, after nearly two years of globally tracking down musicians to see if they’d be willing to take part. And from Paul McCartney, Bryan May, and Nile Rodgers, to Slash, Jack White, and Noel Gallagher, she succeeded in creating this collection of 32 visually striking images of the musicians that shaped the history of music.

Courtesy of Scarlet Page

Though many guitarists were keen to get involved, getting such an impressive line-up of the world’s most talented guitar players to sit in front of a camera was no easy feat. While photographing the busy Paul McCartney, she only had the chance to shoot 15 quick frames behind a curtain at the Jimmy Kimmel show, hoping one would come out well. And even tracking down the elusive Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac took time, badgering, and a lot of unanswered emails. So, despite working as a music photographer for a long time, Page says this was the first time in her career she used her dad’s name. “It made sense to introduce myself to the artists I approached, so they would hopefully agree to be a part of it.”

Once in front of the camera though, Page found that the musicians were much more relaxed with their guitars in hand, enabling her to intimately document these rock legends that so often shy away from the camera. Even if you’re not a rock aficionado and haven’t heard of all of these guitarists, the photographs themselves stand alone as emotive portraits that speak of the relationship between the artists and their instruments.

The project also had a charitable angle, with funds from an auction of signed prints and a limited edition book going to the British Charity Teenage Cancer Trust. Though the book is unfortunately not available in Argentina, sales of signed prints at the exhibition will also go toward the same cause.

Jimmy Page, Resonators by Scarlet Page

Scarlet spoke to The Bubble about what brought her over the Atlantic to Buenos Aires for the first time. “Through the promotion and media I did surrounding my exhibition here in London, I made contact with an awesome producer in Argentina who has been working tirelessly to get me and my exhibition over there.” The move makes sense; if there’s one country with more passion for rock music than the UK, it’s probably Argentina.

And Page herself was no stranger to the rock nacional movement before coming here, telling us “of course, I would love to include some of the Argentine Resonators [in the exhibition], I am aware of a good few of them!” Though she didn’t name names at the time, it seems she was hinting at an extra little surprise she was working on for the Argentine exhibit.

In the week since she arrived, icons of the Argentine rock movement have been popping up on her Instagram page, from Charly García and Lucrecia López Sans to Don Vilanova Botafogo. And it has now been announced that the final exhibition at FOLA will include an additional 16 photographs taken, selected, and edited by Page.

With rock music in her blood thanks to her famous father, Scarlet Page has long worked in the industry. Yet she says she “kind of fell into being a music photographer,” beginning her career after meeting and assisting a music photographer following her formal training in photography film and video at university. “This led to much travel around the world and I started photographing bands in my downtime of assisting, building my portfolio this way.”

Trailing the Beastie Boys and the Smashing Pumpkins at 1994’s Lollapalooza led to working for major companies such as MTV, Mercury and Mojo, and publications in Q Magazine, Uncut, and many others. Page has now worked with many of the world’s most important bands and is renowned as an elite music photographer.

Resonators+, portraits of the world’s most established guitarists, is on from this Friday, March 15th, until May 5th at FOLA.

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Paul McCartney, Resonators by Scarlet Page