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Local Bank Sends Weird Alert with Classic Simpsons Quote, Internet Breaks

Did you hear the one about Santander Rio and mi vieja mula no es lo que era?

By | [email protected] | August 17, 2018 3:27pm

Mi vieja mula no es lo que era

You’ve probably already heard that the Simpsons are some sort of collection of sages that predict the future. Everything from the FIFA corruption scandal to Lady Gaga’s halftime Super Bowl show, all the way to Trump’s presidency. They seem to have a knack for this stuff, specially if it has to do with humiliating, “please let’s try to forget this ever happened” episodes…

Speaking of which…

Yesterday, Santander Rio bank gave Argentines an absolutely gorgeous (and extremely necessary) moment of catharsis by sending them the most bizarre alert message through its app.

Nine words, one big WTF: Mi vieja mula ya no es lo que era, which translates to “my old mule is not what it used to be.”

People were quick to recognize that the phrase came from the Simpsons, a massive pop cultural reference in Argentina, for some reason. (Like, really, why is it so freaking popular down here? Any newsworthy thing that happens in this country immediately gets an excessive Simpson meme treatment. But I digress…)

The quote comes from an old Season 4 episode called “Krusty Gets Cancelled” in which a crazy old man sings a popular old folk song titled “Old Grey Mare” over and over again until he gets to perform it on TV. Even though the song, that dates back to the 1800s, is dedicated to a horse, it was recast with a mule when it was translated to Spanish, for God knows what reason.

But what exactly happened? Why did a bank send its customers an old folk song lyric referenced in the Simpsons from over 20 years ago? Was this some disgruntled employee getting back at the bank for firing him?

Are we expected to now receive mule nudes until they find this psycho and put an end to this?


Oh. It was just a test gone wrong… OK. That makes a bit more sense I guess.

Nevertheless, customers made sure to make this faux pas go as viral as it could. Below you’ll find some of our favorite tweets. Can somebody please check old Simpsons episodes to see if they saw this unfold ten years ago and get back to us?

“Mission almost impossible to get Santander Rio’s customer service to work and tend to my needs. Anyways… My old mule is not what it used to be



“Today, Santander Rio’s App told us that my old mule is not what it used to be. Did they have a psychotic breakdown or what?”



“The programmer that sent the message ‘my old mule is not what it used to be’ just became a legend and will remembered as such by the rest of us.”



“My old bank is not what it used to be, is not what it used to be.”



“Total sense of bewilderment with the economy and Santander Rio sends ‘my old mule is not what it used to be’ to its clients. This is Argentina 2018”