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Salí del Molde: Buenos Aires’ Escape Room

By | [email protected] | August 16, 2016 2:35pm


Salí del Molde is a situational “escape game” in Buenos Aires where you and your crew of friends (or colleagues if your HR department has a cooler take on team-building) get locked in a room for an hour and try to find a way out by solving a set of tasks and riddles.

How it works

You need to make a reservation for the room of your choice before you go. Each room has a different mission with a different background story, with different scenarios varying in difficulty level. At the moment you can choose between a secret mission style game with “Escape in Time”, a zombie apocalypse theme called “Laboratory Z” (because Walking Dead has way too much cultural influence) and the hardest, but possibly the most fun – “Escape the Cabin” option for people who watched the movie Saw and thought – I want that.

Once you arrive you and your group are shown a video to bring everyone up to speed on the rules of the game. Advice from someone who knows the pain of losing: pay attention to details within the video. There are some literal game changers. Just as you start to think “oh man! This sounds harder than I thought” you are ushered into the room, a door closes and the clock starts ticking.  It’s time to start thinking your way out.

After the standard “wtf did i sign up for” freakout, you start to figure out some of the clues and things start to get real… exciting. Dad jokes aside, this is a game that tests critical thinking and teamwork, but in a way that gets your blood pumping.

There are rooms for intermediate and advanced players. Intermediate might be a bit hardcore the first go, but you do you. Going with as many friends as you muster (up to 6 per room per game) is definitely recommended. It’s more fun and six heads are better than one as they say.

Rundown on Sali del Molde


Gallo 1570

How much:

AR$ 550 per room for 60 minutes

Games in English are available upon request.

Do I need a safe word?

There’s no need to actually freakout. After the 60 minutes, the doors open even if you didn’t manage to complete the mission.

Worst case scenario somebody owes the group a round of beer.