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The Palermo Rosedal is Staying Open and Throwing a Party Tomorrow Night

By | [email protected] | December 5, 2017 7:02pm


The last day of the Night of the Gardens is happening on Wednesday at the Rosedal (Rose Garden) in Palermo, where more than 8,000 rose bushes of 93 different species have blossomed out for this season, bringing their exquisite scent and gentle aura to a romantic Buenos Aires that has proved to love spring, when every corner of the city flourishes with color.

Photo via La Nacion

Photo via La Nacion

The 9.8-acre-long park will be specially decorated and lighted up for welcoming everyone who wants to delight in the last edition of this spectacular event that only takes place three times a year.


The fairy-tale date will start at 7 PM with live music performed at the floating stage by the hands of the rock-pop band Barco, just before DJ Gpilatti Dub continues the ambiance with his kinetic rhythm merging the saxophone and guitar with electronic beats.

At the same time, illustrator Gonzalo Seguí will be making a live performance to exhibit his drawings, which pay tribute to Argentine idiosyncrasies.

“The Night of the Gardens is a moment of encounter and enjoyment that brings hundreds of people to our parks,” said Eduardo Macchiavelli, Minister of the Environment and Public Space of the city of Buenos Aires.

Bringing a bottle of wine, a mate kit or a few ham-and-cheese sandwiches might be a great idea if you’re planning to stay the whole night, but if you want to put your feet up and relax there will be food for sale at the event.

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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6TH | 7 PM – 10 PM |El Rosedal. Av. Infanta Isabel 900 | FREE |