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River Plate Fan Tattoos QR Code Linking to Famous Goals, Video Gets Taken Down

The video was called "Eternal Glory" ... And yes, the irony is palpable.

By | [email protected] | April 15, 2019 6:25pm

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So, can we go ahead and tag “insane fútbol news” as a permanent section here at The Bubble? Because just two weeks after a guy decided to celebrate Racing’s championship with his grandpa’s skull, comes some fresh news that ranks way up there with some of the biggest face slap moments in recent Argentine history.

A River Plate fan, whose name has thankfully (and miraculously) remained unknown, decided to get a tattoo to commemorate his team’s recent epic victory over lifelong rivals Boca Juniors during the last Copa Libertadores’ final. But rather than go for a design that featured his team’s logo or a favorite player’s face, this guy decided to get… I want to say creative? You pretty much have to see this to believe it:

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is a QR code tattooed onto a leg, one that, when scanned with a smartphone, would send you directly to a YouTube video uploaded by the man himself that featured all the goals from the two-part final in question, plus a nice little collage of pics of him and his family, who actually traveled to Madrid to see the second match.

All was dandy up to that point, he had pretty much cemented his unwavering love for his team for eternity on one of his limbs. Other than maybe suffering some sort of horrific accident that required amputation of said leg, there was no other way this could go wrong, right? It’s not like YouTube has some policy about deleting videos that have issues with copyright, right? RIGHT?

What happened next was actually pretty predictable when you think about it. Mr. QR Leg (as I’ve affectionately come to refer to him) went viral, not because of his undying love for his team, but because his video was taken down by YouTube and, therefore, his tattoo became a portal to nowhere… Well, not nowhere, to one of those “This video has been removed” pages, accompanied with that dubious red face icon that symbolizes “oops, hope you didn’t have that one tattooed in your body or something crazy like that!”

The fan obviously did not have the rights to the music or the voice of the commentator on the video, and therefore was found to be in breach of copyright laws. Except for the pics of him and his family, which I’m guessing were probably his (although I’m not really sure about anything with this guy anymore).

The video has since been uploaded again, but his original file cannot be accessed by third parties, though it can still be reached if you’re signed into his personal account, which may be the worst possible consolation prize in the history of the world. It just goes to show you that sometimes people should try and use their heads instead of their hearts when it comes to this decision (cue some other fútbol fan actually tattooing a QR code onto his forehead after reading my advice).