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Rejoice Tea Lovers! Argentina Supermarket Chain Seeks To Import British Tea

By | [email protected] | September 26, 2016 5:51pm


An Argentine supermarket is on the hunt for suppliers of authentic British tea. That is according to the tabloid The Sun that obviously had a bit of fun with the news under the headline: Don’t Cry For Tea. Hahaha get it? They must be the first to ever write an Argentina-related headline with a play on an Evita lyric. This new desire for British tea comes “after ‘softening’ claims over the Falkland Islands,” says the tabloid.

So what’s this about? Turns out the British government’s “Export is Great” website includes an advert that claims “a leading international high-end supermarket chain” in Argentina wants to start selling British tea and that “they foresee opportunities for British quality tea with attractive packaging, original flavours and traditional brands.”

The advert goes on to note that the recently elected government of President Mauricio Macri “is establishing clearer import regulations and the food and drinks sector is much more open to imports compared to the last 10 years.”

Emily Farmer, a British expat who runs an afternoon tea shop, told the Sun that import restrictions that have been in place for years means that tea in the country is “often of quite bad quality.”

Jam, whisky and beer are among the other products that British suppliers have been offered the chance to sell in Argentina, though the registration process for foreign firms could take up to four months.