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Ready Your Eating Pants: Feria Masticar Is Back

By | [email protected] | May 2, 2016 1:15pm


Attention food lovers, Feria Masticar, the biggest Food Fair in Buenos Aires, will be back in Palermo from the 5th until the 8th of May. This year the food fueled joy will spread beyond El Dorrego’s patio, all the way to the neighboring Polideportivo Colegiales. More space means more stands and less pushing to get your food. Forty-three of the city’s best restaurants will be there offering specially priced dishes, giving you the chance to explore their cuisine without going broke.

This year there will be two access points, one in Zapiola 50 for pre-purchased tickets and HSBC Premium members, and a second on the corner of Concepción Arenal and Conde where tickets will also be up for sale. Although the entrance fee is higher than the previous years, the dishes prices remain almost the same: AR$50, AR$70 and AR$80.

The usual conferences held by some of the city’s top chefs will be presented with a twist in this new edition, following a cooking class format. Four major concepts revolving around food, will be approached, a different one each day. To get the full schedule visit Masticar’s official website.

Awesome news! There will be a beer patio with a massive variety of Argentine craft beers. Wine lovers don’t panic, the usual wine bars held by CAVE, The Argentine Center of Wines and Spirits, will be offering some of the best national vinos.

Don’t forget to save some time to do a little shopping at the Masticar Market. Over 80 producers coming from all over the country will be offering all sorts of artisanal and gourmet goodies. Did we mention there will be over 7 cheese stands?

By now you might be wondering: who will be present this year? And, off course The Bubble is here to help. This is our guide to make the best out of Masticar 2016.

Food Stands

Arepas from I Latina via


Forty-three restaurants will have their own stands or food trucks for this new edition of Masticar. Which one should you go to? The choice is hard because they’re all from the best eateries in town, but here are the ones we’re the most excited about:


Four Seasons’ Elena and executive Chef Juan Gaffuri – the country’s master of dried and aged meat – will join the party for the second time this year. Rumors are the star dish will include a special cut of goat. We can’t wait to see what crazy combinations Gaffuri has to up his sleeve.


Thought Jewish food couldn’t get any better? Well you’re wrong. Mishiguene has managed to take some Jewish classics to a whole new level of delicious, and gourmet. Did you know Mishiguene stands for crazy? Exactly what we hope to see on their menu.

I Latina:

This Colombian restaurant with Latino influences will be back to Masticar with its food truck baptized “Pura Sabrosura” (something close to “pure delight”, the Colombian way). Fluffy and delicious arepas – a sort of corn pancake – will be served with different creative toppings. Last year’s favorite was the slow cooked bondiola topped with bits of spiced fruit.


Named best restaurant in Buenos Aires by the coveted Latin America’s 50 Best listing, Tegui has offered some of the best menus on the last editions of Masticar, and we wouldn’t expect it to change this year. Year after year Chef Martitegui has managed to surprise us with the most exotic desserts. We still haven’t managed to get over the pine and chocolate parfait from 2014…

Compañia de Chocolates:

Definitely the ideal place to finish your feasting day on a sweet note. We would queue for ages just to get one of their Marquise au Chocolat. If your stomach just can’t deal with any more food, you should go for their salted cookies to go ! They’re just to die for.

Tips to get the most out of Masticar:

La Panaderia de Pablo via

La Panaderia de Pablo via

Going to Masticar can be either a great feasting experience, or yet another stressful event everyone wants to go to. It is up to you, and your strategy. Yeah, go ahead and call us crazy but it’s the truth: we have a strategy to make the best out of this event, get to taste the most coveted dishes, avoid the long lines and the pushing around etc. So, here’s what we do:

  • First, get your ticket on pre-sale to avoid long lines at the entrance
  • One thing is for sure: it’s going to get crowded. So, the second piece of advice is get there EARLY, and be patient. Stressing out will only keep you from making the best out of the feast.
  • First thing to do when you get in: go buy the Masticar tickets. That will be your currency for the day. On the last editions there were special cubicles for those paying with credit or debit cards….Just saying.
  • Don’t just put your entire budget in the first stand you find attractive. We recommend you take a first tour to identify the fair’s highlights. You don’t want to be wracked with regret once your Masticar tickets are gone…
  • Go there with a group of friends. If you share dishes you’ll be able to try even more menus. The value of putting together a dream team of food appreciating friends cannot be overstated. 
  • The wines available at the wine bar are truly amazing. But they are also pricey. If you’re looking to save up as much as you can for the food, we recommend you start your wine journey there, and then move on to the wine by the bottle at the drink stands.
  • Wear your comfiest eating pants, moomoo, or track suit. Nothing is sexier than how feeling full feels. Just saying.