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Raiz Festival Gastronomico: Argentina’s Culinary Soul In A Food Festival

By | [email protected] | September 28, 2015 6:11pm


What makes a dish particularly Argentine? Sure chimichurri helps, but it’s a question that is trickier than you might think to answer. Luckily for us, the Raiz Festival Gastronomico (food fair) is here to help and is giving all of us some (delicious) information to work with. From October 1st through the 4th, this gut-busting “celebration of Argentine cuisine” will be holding its 3rd annual food festival at Tecnopolis. Best of all: It is all FREE.

Raiz Festival is on a mission to explore and celebrate the origins, diversity and innovative techniques of Argentine cuisine. Talks will be given by some of the biggest names in the Argentine food scene, in addition to a maze of booths featuring 70 plus restaurants and over 200 vendors from all over the country (elastic waistbands are should be considered) but that’s not all folks.

ECO festival, a fair within a fair so to speak, will not only offer fresh and eco-friendly products, but will also host talks on all the ecological side of the food scene. After you get your green on wander over to Fermentar – Raiz’s very own beer fest where microbreweries from all over the country will give you a taste of their artisanal hooch. There will also be a couple of workshops aimed at helping you understand the beautiful world of brewing a little bit better. So yeah – take that Oktoberfest!




Here are some of the fair’s additional highlights that we here at The Bubble are excited to try out. 


  • The Empanada National Route a.k.a a dream came true. Quite possibly the best way to get to know the different regions of this great country – through it’s empanadas. Patagonian, Mendocina, Salteña…  it’s like a carbier version of Pokemon. You’ll want to catch them all and then hate yourself for it. Also you don’t miss the chance to up your empanada making game. A group of pros from Tucuman are scheduled to give a talk and drop some serious inside secretes. This is especially recommended if you have an Argentine mother-in-law you’re hoping to impress. Being able to make a good empanada increases local street cred  to a degree that cannot be overstated.
  • The Bodegones Route: Who could represent Buenos Aires’ history & culinary tradition better than those rustic, yet homey restaurants known as Bodegones? Fellow experts from Antigourmet have invited 10 of the city’s most outstanding examples of these culinary hotspots to prove once again, that great food does not need to get snobby. Recently re-opened La Robla will offer mouth-watering Spanish treats. We’re hopping there will be rabas.
  • Seven Regions:  What better way to discover a country than by tasting its regional cuisine and wines? That is exactly what this section will be all about. Seven different plates, from seven different regions will be paired with the best local wines.
  • Immigration Cuisine: What would Argentine cuisine be without all the influences immigration has brought to the table? Immigration has had a pretty big impact on the country. Raiz clearly understands an respects that and  has set up not one but three areas celebrating this cultural mixing pot we call home: Patio Latino, Europa and Mundo. We are particularly excited about the third one, and will be making a pit stop at Una Cancion Coreana, before heading to African paradise, El Buen Sabor.
  • Last but not least:  Don Julio’s Food Truck will make an appearance at the “Festival sobre ruedas” (“Festival on wheels”)… Need we say more?



Yes, we know, all the way down you’ve been asking yourself that one question: where the heck is this Tecnopolis thing?


Sorry guys, you’ll have to leave Palermo just this once. Tecnopolis is located in Villa Martelli. The guys and gals behind Tecnopolis were thoughtful enough and made this , and practical guide to help us all get there.


Doors open from 12pm to 11pm. Make sure to get there early, nothing ruins an appetite quite like staring at food from the back of the line.