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Raise a Glass to Solidarity with Negroni Week

By | [email protected] | June 4, 2018 9:56am


Darling, haven’t you heard? Aperol Spritzes are like, so over, and anyone who’s anyone is sipping on its bolder, more sophisticated relative, the Negroni. This classic cocktail, made up of Campari, vermouth, and gin, has an intense flavor that matches its high alcohol content. Good thing then that Negroni Week is back to make that bitter trago a little bit sweeter.

This year is the sixth annual Negroni Week, organized by Italian cocktail behemoth Gruppo Campari and Imbibe magazine. Taking place from today, June 4th, through Sunday, June 10th, the idea is simple: bars, restaurants, and other venues sign up to participate online, making an initial donation to their country’s selected charity; throughout the week, they continue to donate a percentage of the proceeds from the Negroni sales to the cause.

In Argentina, proceeds will be used to support Banco de Alimentos, a Buenos Aires-based charity which helps to feed 100,000 people a day, 76 percent of whom are children and teenagers. They operate through 809 organizations based in the city and province of Buenos Aires.

Last year was a stellar year for the initiative. Over 7,700 different venues took part in 60 countries around the world, and it has so far raised a total of US $1.5 million for charity. It’s no secret that Argentines love their Italian imports, and Negronis are no exception. In 2017 the country set the bar extremely high, raising the third largest sum for Negroni Week in the world, and hopes remain high that this year will break that record. Surely the spike in aperitivo culture of the last several years will bolster these expectations.

Meanwhile, some of Argentina’s best-known bartenders, including Pipi Yalour – current Campari brand ambassador (#GirlPower) – are traveling around Europe, showing off their talents and discovering more about the ingredients that go in to making this iconic drink. “I will be touring the cities that created the drinks that make up the cocktail – London for gin, Milan for Campari, Turin for vermouth, and Florence for the Negroni, showcasing Argentina’s cocktails to the world,” she said.

Bars are still signing up to the initiative, but 110 venues in Buenos Aires have registered so far, including: Salón Berlín, Florería Atlántico, Boticario, Parque Bar, La Calle, Festival and Soria. Various restaurants have signed up as well, including Oporto Almacén, La Esperanza de los Ascurra, Hierbabuena, Casa Cavia, Birkin and others.

For more information, follow Campari Argentina (and #NegroniWeek) on Instagram and Twitter, and take a look at the Negroni Week website to see a full list of participating venues, both in Argentina and around the world.

So go on, raise your glass to a good cause! Giving to charity has never been easier (or more delicious).