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Government Announces Public Transport Fare Increases in Three Monthly Installments

Minimum fare to cost AR $11 come August, $12 in September, and $13 in October.

By | [email protected] | July 27, 2018 4:42pm


Today, the government announced further increases of the fares of buses and trains operating in the City and Greater Buenos Aires area. Speaking at a press conference held at the Treasury and Finance Ministry, Transportation Minister Guillermo Dietrich indicated that minimum bus fares will increase by AR $1 over the next three months, and will end up costing AR $13 by October. The first increase will go into effect on August 15th and, overall, the hikes will represent a 30 percent increase.

Train fares, on their end, will vary depending on the line, as they have different rates: The minimum fare for the Mitre, Sarmiento, and San Martín lines, currently at AR $6.75, will increase by AR $0.75 in August and September, and AR $0.50 in October, clocking in at AR $8.75.

The Roca, Belgrano Sur, and Urquiza lines, at AR $3.25, will increase by AR $0.75 each month, meaning that the minimum fare will cost AR $5.50 by October. Finally, the minimum fare for the Belgrano Norte line will increase by AR $0.50 for each of the coming three months, and will rise from AR $3.50 to AR $5 in October.

The devaluation and the rise of international oil prices automatically increased the subsidies to the sector, which the government is currently trying to reduce as part of its broader goal of lowering the fiscal deficit. Dietrich also highlighted the need to balance the distribution of subsidies around the country, saying that, for example, a person in Córdoba pays three times more than someone in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires.

This will be the fourth increase of the year. The others took place in February, April, and June. Overall, the three amounted to 60 percent. The minimum bus fare went from AR $6 to $8 in February, AR $9 in April, and AR $10 in June.

Train fares varied depending on the line: The minimum fare for the Mitre, Sarmiento, and San Martín lines went from AR $4.75 in January to AR $6.75, while the Roca, Belgrano Sur, and Urquiza lines went from AR $2 to AR $3.25. The Belgrano Norte line, on its end, went from AR $2.20 to AR $3.50.