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Macri Served A ‘PRO Version’ Of Choripán And It Looks Like It’s Starving

By | [email protected] | February 18, 2016 5:08pm


Cue the (terrible) political puns! Deputy Facundo Garretón from Tucumán Province tweeted what he deemed President Mauricio Macri’s Republican Proposal (PRO) party’s version of Argentina’s asado staple and food of the people, choripán.

Can you guess what they named it? I bet you can’t guess what they named it.


The differences are immediately apparent: while our beloved chori typically features a full chorizo sausage cut “butterfly” style — two halves kept together at the seams — and a good chunk of bread you can rip your teeth into, this impostor features a mere half of a chorizo (where did they take its other half? The cruelty is unspeakable), half of what looks like a flat bread and finally, what appears to be a single ornamental basil leaf (a strange mix of pity and hope keeps me from calling it lettuce).

Judging by appearances, choriPRO aspires to become the appetizer version of choripán. Which is inherently stupid, because street food is meant to fill you up, damnit.

If choripán is the food of the people and a Peronist symbol, Macri’s administration has historically been “aligned” with yuppie-sensation and non-food of the 2000s: sushi. Whether this is another stab at appealing to us plebs or the PRO trying to make us go on a diet, it’s too soon to tell.

But if someone tried to give me that and call it lunch, I’d feel ripped off. Even in Olivos.