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President readies mandatory coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus Coverage

By | [email protected] | March 19, 2020 8:36pm


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In a desperate attempt to halt the advance of COVID-19 in Argentina, President Alberto Fernandez is considering ordering a full mandatory lockdown in the country to delay the spread of the virus that by March 19 has killed almost 10,000 people globally and caused at least 250,000 infections, with 131 cases and 3 deaths already confirmed in Argentina.

The lockdown announcement, which could come as soon as tonight, is the latest in a series of escalating efforts to tackle the pandemic. These have included the imposition of mandatory quarantines for international travelers, the temporary suspension of the school year, the full closure of borders for all non-citizens, mandatory paid leave for those above 60 years old or with other risk factors, suspensions of all public events, and more.

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