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President Macri To Meet With Temer In Brazil

By | [email protected] | January 12, 2017 12:20pm


Following a recent phone call between President Mauricio Macri and Brazil’s President Michel Temer it has been decided that the Argentine president will be paying Brazil a visit on the February 7th.

The spotlight has been on Temer since his controversial rise to power as Brazilian President after he led a campaign to oust Dilma Rousseff, the president he served as vice president under. Temer’s visit to Argentina back in November kept as low profile as possible, in order to avoid clashing with protesters — an effort the Macri camp seemed happy to help with. To make PR an even trickier course to navigate, the massive Lava Jato scandal seems to be reaching Argentina yet again, now implicating the Head Of Argentine Federal Intelligence, Gustavo Arribas.

Temer made the call to Macri yesterday, steering the conversation onto possible aspects of their bilateral relationship according to Clarín. Amongst topics discussed were the bilateral summit, the Mercosur agenda and the negotiation of the trading block’s possible agreement with the European Union.