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Poverty Line in City of Buenos Aires Up by 2.7% in April

Typical household requires AR $19,099 a month to escape poverty.

By | [email protected] | June 19, 2018 6:38pm


The poverty line for a typical household in the City of Buenos Aires increased by 2.7 percent from April to May and by 25.17 percent in a year, according to the City’s statistics bureau.

A household with two economically active adults, two children aged 9 and 6, and in which the home is owned by the adults (Type 1 household) requires a monthly income of AR $19,099.30 to be able to purchase a basket of goods and services defined by the City as a minimum for not being considered in poverty.

Over the same period, the threshold for extreme poverty for the same type of household increased by 3.41 percent from April to May and 23.03 percent compared to a year ago. Type 1 households in the City of Buenos Aires need a monthly income of at least AR $9,218.97 to be able to purchase a basic basket of goods to ensure that they are not in extreme poverty.

The poverty threshold (or line) refers to the minimum amount of money needed to buy basic goods and services as well as food, while the extreme poverty line refers to whether or not a household can satisfy their dietary needs only.

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In the case of a single person household, the  extreme poverty line increased from AR $5,818.49 in April to AR $6,020.95 in May, an increase of 3.48 percent. The poverty line also increased from AR $18,657.03 pesos to AR $19,240.87, an uptick of 3.13 percent.

The current City report does not consider the proportion of people who are living in poverty or extreme poverty, only the income that is necessary for each household to be considered well off or not.